Tribman "The End"

This concludes this blog I have called "Tribman." I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. It has been good to think on the things which are about to come to pass. I have enjoyed imagining what I would do if I were having to go through the Great Tribulation. I have also enjoyed thinking about how things will be during the millennium and the New Earth age. I long to see the coming of the Lord. This blog was a fictional story but the events on which it was based are coming and they are real. Please be warned and be ready for the coming of the Great Tribulation and the coming of the Lord.

I have plans to print this blog in a hard back book. I will add to it first some color pictures and tweak it a bit. I will put this book in our church library and will keep a copy for myself. I also plan to write a fiction novel based on this blog. I will do this after I complete my doctoral thesis. There are many story and plot details that this blog, because of its format, could not convey. The book will be titled "Tribman" and if there is enough interest I will publish it. If this is something in which you might be interested then leave me a comment. God bless you.


“What do you call them?” I asked Adam as I watched him petting a pair of small fury animals the likes of which I had never seen. “I have not given them a name yet.” he replied. “The name needs to fit their nature so until I know them better naming will have to wait.” As I stood their watching Adam interact with them I thought how wonderful it is to get to know my greatest of grandfathers. In the beginning of creation Adam had named all of the animals. I never thought about him actually knowing each one and all there was to know about them.
Adam was here to train me and I watched his every move. He is so good with animals. He has such a wonderful understanding of them. He seems to love getting to know all about them and their needs. I have learned much from him.
We walked through the forest and stopped at the edge of a clearing which was carpeted with a very curious plant. They looked like a cross between a mushroom and a jellyfish. They were clear as crystal and very fragile. The fragrance they emitted was sweet like a gardenia or a honeysuckle vine. Adam got down on his stomach on the ground and looked underneath the plants being careful not to touch them. “Take a look at this,” he said beaconing me to join him on the ground. I got down and peered under the canopy of the plants. I could see scurrying about a multitude of small bugs that where shaped like ladybugs. These were also clear in appearance every part of their anatomy was transparent. “I call these noseeums.” Adam whispered. “You really have to be looking for them to find them.” He added. Adam reached out and touched one of the plants with his finger saying, “watch this.” The outside covering shaped like a dome immediately inverted. The noseeums rushed in one accord and climbed all over the plant as if looking for the cause of the inversion. Finding nothing in or around the inversion they all gathered on the rim and jumped in unison into the air just a few inches high and all landed at the same time back on the rim which caused the plant to take its dome shape again. The noseeums headed off about their business. “Wow, our God is an amazing creator,” I said. Adam smiled and said, “He always has been.”
We walked around the edge of the clearing and came to a taller then normal tree. A monkey like animal high up in its branches came racing down the truck. “There you are,” Adam said in a sweet and low tone of voice. He reached out and took the animal into his arms. “We need to help this little one get back home.” We found Ezra and Tabitha in the next clearing walking in our direction. “You found him,” they said. Adam held out his arms and the monkey like animal leaped into Ezra's outstretched arms. “We will see he gets home safely.” Tabitha reached out to pet him and asked, “Will you be at the meeting.” “Yes, and Noah will be there too,” I said, anticipating Tabitha's next question. “Great, and I hear that Pastor will be there as well,” Ezra said.
Adam bid us farewell and I thanked him for his help. I led the way as we went to meet Noah. She was waiting for us near the Dan river. We walked along the bank of the river following its course to the City. We enjoyed our conversation. I have noticed that little to nothing of what we talk about has to do with our past. It is mostly about the here and now. Current events and anticipation seem to be the subjects at hand.
We entered the city and found our way to the building where we were to have our meeting. Every building in the city is uniquely shaped. Each building has a name. The one for which we were looking was dome shaped with seven towers. It looked much like a crown and is called “Life.” When all were present and accounted for we began to sing praise to our God. One started the song and each in turn added their on verse to it. Each verse reflected the unique experiences of the singer's walk with God. The song morphed into pure praise.
Ezra began: “Christ did my sins bare far away;”
Tabitha chimed forth: “And thus I live now and for aye.”
Noah sang: “Redeemed am I by His dear grace;”
Then, I pointing in the direction of the light, sang with all my might “Now I see Him face to face.”
Pastor in a quiet soft voice which was clear and sweet, sang: “Tis love amazing and so free;”
Jael took over the note an octave above: “that saved our souls for His glory.”

We prayed together and God was with us. We love these meetings. They are the high point of our one eternal day!

The City of God

The angel at the gate was very helpful. He welcomed our group warmly. The wall of the city was amazing. It was far more beautiful than we could have imagined. The gate was wide open and we started through the long bright tunnel through the wall. We were on the left side; to our right was a river of water and on the other side of the river was the other side of the street. People leaving the city were on the right side and those entering were on the left. Stepping out from under the wall our eyes took in the massive street of gold which went to our left. Straight ahead of us was a bridge that crossed the river and led to the other side of the main street. To exit the city now we would have to cross that bridge and turn to the left then turn right to cross over another bridge to go back out the gate through which we had entered. In the middle of the main street was the clearest river of water eyes had ever seen. It was the source of the smaller river that ran through the gate of the city. On either side of the river there were trees, lush and green and on the tree there were fruits of different shapes and colors. This was the most beautiful tree ever seen. At each gate of the city there were bridges which crossed the river and led to the other side of the main street.
Our little “tribulation” group had met up at the Dan gate which we had agreed to do in the last year of the millennium. We wanted to enter the city for the first time together. Pastor and his wife led the way. We turned to the left and headed down the street which led around the wall then spiraled inwardly toward the center of the city. It was from the center of the city that the light of the city was shining. We strolled past magnificent massive buildings all made of pure gold. Those people on the other side of the street on the other side of the river were leaving the city, having been to the center where they had seen Jesus face to face. There was nothing but absolute joy on every face. Everyone is dressed in white robes. Everyone appears to be the same age. There is no measure of time here so no one is in a hurry. We stop along the way to embrace and talk with others.
We reached the throne of God and the Lamb. We each had a turn to talk with Jesus and to receive instructions. When my turn came I stepped up to the throne and bowed down to worship the LORD. He asked me to rise and told me to go to a place west of the city and to care for and see after the plants and animals that were there. I left His presence eager to do His bidding. Seeing after and caring for God's marvelous creation is an honor indeed. We all have different assignments in different areas of the world. We are free to do God's will, nothing stands in our way now. Freedom like this we have never know. From where I serve the LORD I can see the city. Another thing that has surprised me about being in this new body and living on this new earth is the learning process. I somehow thought I would know everything and would not have to learn but that is not the case. There is so much that I do not know and every day is a learning experience. God reveals more and more each day about His nature, His knowledge, and His power. What I learn in one day here is more than I learned in all of my life as a mortal on the old earth. One might think, then, that I will know it all soon but I see now that I will never know all things like our God. So much of what I was taught about science, nature, and human beings was absolutely false. A lot of things I believed were true turned out to be a lie. Things are not at all as they seemed to me when I was a mortal.


The End of the Millennium

The fire, called down by the LORD, came in the form of an intensely bright light that instantly reduced to ashes all the enemies of the Son of Man. We knew the end was near and twenty years before it came Noah and I moved permanently to Israel. We prepared a place for our rather large family. We have a home that is 10 stories high. Our children over these past 20 years have slowly relocated to our home. Their children, our grandchildren have also moved here with us. About 70% of our great grandchildren have also moved here. Of our other descendants let me say this, the further away from being our children the greater the percentage that refused to repent and believe in Jesus. It breaks our hearts but each must make their own choice where they will spend eternity. We were tired of our nation's cycle of obedience and rebellion. Nations would rebel in about 100 year cycles. They would be punished with no rain and then the next 99 years or so they would be submissive until some new leader came to power and then trouble would come again. Israel has not had this problem during the millennium. They remained faithful throughout.
There were no signs of Satan's release. Not long after it happened every nation rebelled at the same time. All the nations gathered in one united effort to overthrow, by force, the LORD and His people. Most believers moved to Israel as soon as they could while others waited until the last year of the millennium. This left the rest of the world with nothing but unbelievers for citizens. The world truly came down to “Us” and “Them.” There was amazing calm among the saints of God when this final war began to take shape. It was only the unbelievers that were blinded to the truth of the prophecy that Satan would make one last try to overthrow the Kingdom of God. There was no fear among us, only sorrow for those poor lost souls. Many of those who hated us were our own flesh and blood.
After the fire of God's judgment fell upon the lost the LORD sat upon His great white throne. He called all of His saints to stand behind His throne. Noah and I stood about 2 miles back behind the throne and a little to the left of it. In the instant that He destroyed the wicked we were changed and received our spiritual bodies. We now stood there with the same kind of glorious, immortal, incorruptible body as our friends, Ezra and Tabitha had received over 1000 years earlier. Behind us and in one huge circle which surrounded the whole scene stood all the saints of God. Jesus had called forth all the dead of all the ages and with His saints standing behind His throne and all around, He condemned the wicked unbelievers showing them out of His holy word the wickedness of their deeds and their sinful ways. He showed them, as a testimony to their lost condition, the Lamb's Book of Life. They were sentenced to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire and were cast immediately by a mighty angel into their eternal prison. When this scene was over we walked away to discover that the earth and all things in it were new. The earth we now tread is an absolute paradise! We now await the coming of that great city of God, New Jerusalem!


Half Way

Year 500:
We are now half way through the millennium. We attend a funeral about once every 30 years. Some of these people die young, about 100 years old. I am now 530 years old and by our old world standards that would be unheard of. I saw in the paper that there was a woman in Israel who is 600 years old which means she was 100 when the Lord returned. I can't imagine surviving the tribulation being that old. The article said she was in very good health and walks 10 miles a day. We still farm and raise horses and have as much energy now as when we were in our 30's.
Trigger died at a good old age. Noah and I both cried. We erected a monument over his grave. He was a dear friend sent from God. Ezra and Tabitha were there for his burial. These dear friends come to us regularly and seem to know just when to show up.
We have 12 children and 182 grandchildren and 1,943 great-grandchildren. We have lost count of great-great-grandchildren so suffice it to say God has truly blessed us. We have a family reunion here on the farm every 10 years. 90% of our family shows up and we have a great time. We call on our dear friend, Ezra, to lead the prayer at our family reunion feast. If it were not for him and Pastor we may never have known how to be saved. Pastor comes by every 100 years or so to check on us. His wife is always by his side. We talk about old times and he preaches us an old time message.
More and more people are choosing not to be saved. So far, all of our children and grandchildren have been saved. Most of our great-grand children are saved. The ones who have not been saved yet are being prayed for and encouraged. Only a fool would say that Jesus is not who He claims to be. More and more lost people are being elected to the governing counsel but so far they have not rebelled like some nations. Egypt decided they would not represent before the Lord and they suffered the worse drought ever recorded which lasted for a year. The paper said most of the believers left Egypt and did not return until it was over. The way things are starting to look here we may be in the same shape. If America rebells we plan to go and stay in Israel. We have a vacation home there since we go sometimes twice a year. We allow others to use our house for their excursions to the Holy Land. We have contemplated moving to Israel permanently but our family would miss us and we would miss them.
Our attendance at worship each week has dropped off. It used to be that everyone in our community dropped whatever they were doing to be at worship services. Now people miss services for the least little thing. Many people have stopped traveling to Jerusalem. They are becoming more and more selfish and self centered. The Devil, when released from his prison, will have many people on his side. We have been trying to warn the lost of their impending doom and the Great White Throne judgment to come but our words fall on seemingly deaf ears.
We who are saved cannot wait until the new earth comes. When Jesus makes all things new we will have incorruptible, immortal bodies like His. The new earth sounds so great we just love talking about it. We are looking for that city with foundations whose builder and maker is God. (Zechariah 14:16-19; Isaiah 65:20)



Year: 1
We had twins! They were born with no problems at all. Tabitha was born first and Ezra was born second. We named them after our dear friends who stopped by to see them on the day of their birth. They are both healthy and weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces each. We are already telling them about Jesus even though they are only weeks old. We have finished building our house and barn. We have lots of farm animals. We grow a large garden and large fields of wheat and corn.
It has taken all year for them to clean up after the battle of Armageddon over in the land of Israel. Israel is a wonderful place flowing with milk and honey. The land is lush and green. It looks nothing like it did before. It is not an arid land any more.

Year: 2
We are now two years into the millennium. We have a new form of government here in the United States of America. The few governmental leaders that survived the Tribulation met and formed a governing counsel. Their first order of business was to appointed a governor over us who answers to a representative of the King of Kings. He has met with Jesus and received instructions as to how to govern the people of the United States. Our governor appointed judges who were approved by the governing counsel. These have local offices and courts to judge and make decisions for the people. Any conflicts between people is brought before the local court and the judge makes his ruling. We will elect the governing counsel every seven years. As our population grows the counsel will also grow in number. The governor will be appointed by the counsel and will be our representative before the King of Kings. All laws passed by the governing counsel must be approved by a representative of the King of Kings.

Year: 3
There is only one religion in all the world. It does not have a name. People meet in small, local groups to worship and learn the teachings of Jesus. Everyone is allowed to travel for free to Jerusalem to see Jesus and to be taught more advanced lessons on the doctrines of God. Noah and I have been going once a year during the feast of tabernacles. It is a very joyous time in Israel and there are huge crowds of people all glorifying God together. It is a wonderful, wonderful time. We got to meet all of the apostles and sit and learn at their feet. The Apostle John teaches classes on love. Peter teaches classes on loyalty. Thomas teaches classes on faith. Paul teaches classes on evangelism.
We have another baby on the way! It does not matter if it is a boy or a girl. The ladies of our community say it will be a boy. We have a school house in town and we now have three teachers working there. There is going to be a baby boom this year for almost every woman of child bearing age is either expecting or carrying a baby. We have a hospital in our town now and the busiest part of the hospital is the maternity ward. The rest of the hospital is most often empty.

Year: 4
David was born 8 pounds 2 ounces. Again we have named one of our children after one of our friends from the tribulation. We take our children to church services and are training them to sit still during the services. We have four revival services a year in our town. Famous evangelists come and preach for us. We have a different one each night for two weeks. Men who where preachers during their lives on earth come and preach for us and their messages are outstanding and though they seem so short the preaching actually lasts for hours. Our children are young and sleep through most of the services. Some of the greatest singers ever also come and lead the songs of praise. Pastor was one of our evangelists and it was so good to hear him preach.
David and Jonathan, our friends and guardians from the tribulation, stopped in for a visit. David wanted to meet his name sake. These two men make a good team. They have the power to transcend time and space and can be instantly where ever they need to be. They also can hide their identity when the need arises. The main job for them is to help people do the right thing. They don't make people do the right thing; they just show them the way.


A Brave New World

I stood before the Lord and, though standing in a large crowd, I felt as though He were looking directly at me. We had been led into the Temple and separated into two groups. The other group was spoken to first. Jesus scolded them for their mistreatment of Him. They protested back that they were innocent and had never even seen Him before. They were silenced by His reply and immediately led away. Jesus then looked directly at me. The others in the group would later say that He was looking directly at each of them. We all heard His voice in our own language. He thanked me for the kindness that I had shown to Him when He was hungry, thirsty, and in prison. At that moment I felt like there was no one else in the whole world but Jesus and me. His eyes where full of gratitude as if I had done some great thing for Him. I had never seen Him hungry, thirsty, or in prison. It is I that owed a debt to Him not Him to me. He pointed in a sweeping and hesitating motion toward a group of people standing very closely beside Him. I looked to see the faces of the whole group with which we had endured the Tribulation. There was Ezra, Tabitha, Pastor, Elisabeth, David, Jonathan, Jael, Isaac, Rebekah, Barzillai, and the orphans they had taken in all standing there close to Jesus. My mind was filled with the memories of how grateful they were when I would bring bags of food for them. The sight of the women's prison flashed in my mind as Jesus said, “You did it unto these my people, you did it unto me.” We were led out of the Temple and back to the airport. Ezra explained that we should return to our home and rest in peace. We boarded the plane and in just hours we were home again.
We were greeted by Trigger first thing. He seemed so glad to see us. The weather is perfect and the sky has been miraculously cleared up and has never looked so good. We sleep under the stars without fear of harm. Ants don't bite and bugs don't pester us. We have plenty to eat since everything we plant grows incredibly fast. We have chosen to live a simple life. We like to take long rides and help our neighbors with their projects. Our community consists of about 120 people. We all gather, everyone of us, to worship and sing praises to God. Our life is much like it was back in the late 1800's. We share with our neighbors. Helping one another is a joy. Once a year we travel for free to Jerusalem to see our Lord and Savior. He is so loving and kind. After we visit Jesus at the Temple we follow the line of people out of the city to the top of a hill where there is a horrible reminder of what happens to those who have chosen to be enemies of God. There is a window that allows you to look into the place where the wicked and the evil are imprisoned until judgment day. Many rush by this sight not wanting to see its horror. I look long and hard because if it were not for God's grace I would be there.
Noah and I are expecting our first child. We are so excited about this. The ladies of our community say it is twins and Noah believes it. We plan to have as many children as the Lord will bless us with. Noah says “two dozen would be great.” Farming is actually fun. God is blessing with perfect weather for farming. We have been eating only vegetables, for the most part, along with eggs and cheese. We have seen enough of death and can't bare to take a life any more. Winter was mild and there are things we can grow year round to eat. We do can foods for the winter but we always have food left over and to spare when harvest time comes round again. Everyone is healthy. There are no high blood pressure problems, no diabetes, no heart problems, no cancer. Doctors only treat cuts and minor injuries. There is no war anywhere and people live in safety and peace. There is virtually no crime. We have truly gone from the worst of times to the best of times. (Matthew 25; Isaiah 66; Isaiah 11)



We arrived back in north Texas late yesterday afternoon. We have found a spot we feel is ideal to settle down in for now. We will not pick a permanent spot until we know what our Lord has in store for us. We have begun to build us a good wooden shelter knowing that the earthquakes are a thing of the past. We have slept in tents so long that it will be strange to sleep in a house on a real bed.
Trigger was the first to notice two figures coming across the field this morning. He took off like a shot running directly toward them. We watched as they greeted and embraced him like old friends. We suspected that it was some of our friends who had been raptured and were now returning to let us know that they were back. Ezra looked somehow younger than I remembered and his wife, Tabitha, was with him. We embraced each other for the longest time. It was so good to see them again. We sat down and talked for hours. They told how they had heard a trumpet sound and a voice and when they all turned to see its source they were instantly standing in the heavens before Jesus. They saw marvelous things too wonderful to tell. They followed Jesus back to the earth and were sent by him to tell us to come to Jerusalem to appear before Him.
We shared with them our story of how that God had watched over us and protected us from harm. There were so many questions we had for them and they patiently answered them all. They said we were to go to the nearest airport and get on a plane which would cost us nothing. The plane would take us to Jerusalem and we would be taken to the Temple to see Jesus. There would be no need for money for all our needs would be taken care of. Tomorrow Ezra and Tabitha will go with us to the airport and they will be picking up others along the way that will go with us.
It seems there are not many humans that survived the Great Tribulation. Had it not been cut short by the Lord's return no one would have survived. It is estimated that the population of the earth, not counting those immortal saints who have returned, is about 500 million. The immortal saints have been sent out by twos to bring everyone to Christ. The “M's” cannot refuse to go. When called they drop everything immediately and follow, without question or argument, the ones sent to lead them to the nearest airport, bus or train station. One of our many questions was how has the public transportation systems been repaired so quickly? How is it possible that there are enough pilots and other transportation personnel available and coordinated to get the job of transporting so many people to Jerusalem done? The answer was obvious. The Lord spoke and everything needed was taken care of. In just 75 days all mortals will be brought before the Lord in Jerusalem for judgment. If the Lord could create the Heavens and the Earth in six days a small thing like this is no problem at all.
We picked up 30 people on our way to the airport. It was a journey of about 15 miles. We waited about an hour for the next plane to arrive and then we boarded without any questions being asked. There was no security, no tickets, no ticket agents and no boarding passes. We just got on the plane and took off. We were fed well by the stewards on the flight and the flight was smooth and quick. There must have been a tremendous tail wind for we arrived in Jerusalem in less than four hours. The view from the air of the battlefield north of Jerusalem was terrifying to look upon. Never in the history of the world have so many died in one place and so suddenly. Jerusalem looks amazing and the new Temple unlike anything ever seen.
Our group of 200 is waiting at the north gate. There is a group in there with Jesus now and we are next. Ezra and Tabitha left our group and vanished as they walked away. They are off to gather others to bring them to Christ. I am terrified and it is only by God's grace I have the strength to stand here.


Episode 29: Motion Sickness

There is no more Internet access, at least for us, so I am now just writing a journal. It has been a little over two months since our friends were raptured. The last vial of the wrath of God which we call “the big one” hit at midnight. It was so violent and lasted so long that we all suffered from motion sickness. We were all sitting around talking when the horses started acting crazy. They were restless at first then as soon as it hit they all laid down and we followed their lead. There is a house near our campsite that collapsed in a cloud of dust. The trees swayed so violently that it snapped the tops off of all the taller ones. The initial quake lasted for thirty minutes. This was followed by huge aftershocks every few minutes each lasting for several seconds. There is no way any building or bridge could have withstood such violent shaking. We stayed lying down or crawling for the next six hours until the horses began to act normal again.
The Lord will be touching down on the Mount of Olives very soon. Right after the quakes were over we loaded up and headed out. Noah and I will split away from the group and keep heading south as the others head west and south west. We plan to settle down in North Texas if the Lord is willing for us to do so. I do not know what He has in store for us but I will trust in Him to do as He deems best.
It will take us about three weeks to get to where we are heading. We are thankful for the horses. Noah rides on Trigger and I am on Silver. Keeping with the TV theme we have named our pack horses Flicka and Mr. Ed. They will be very useful when we start our farm. We are excited and so glad that the horror is over. The last vial has been poured out and now we wait for survivors to climb out of the rubble and begin the process of cleaning up and rebuilding. We are not finding many survivors. The town we just left had no standing buildings and we saw only a few dozen people digging through the piles of what use to be buildings and homes. We stopped long enough to gather canned goods and supplies and then hit the trail again. We have been back in the States for three days and are making good time. We have stopped to rest for the night.

We just had the most wonderful experience. We woke up this morning and the sky off to the east had an unusual appearance. It was brighter than the normal sunrise. There was the sound of violent wind and we saw what looked like a man standing on the clouds descending to the earth. His appearance was glorious and awesome. The sight lasted about 15 minutes. It is exciting to think that Jesus is here on the earth. This means that the battle of Armageddon is over and that Jesus is about to sit on His throne. In celebration of this day of Christ's return I have thrown my gun away and will never pick it up again. We have mixed emotions about seeing the LORD. It is our understanding that we will all be summoned to appear before Him when He sits on the throne of His glory in Jerusalem. On the one hand we long to see the One who has saved our souls and kept us alive through this great tribulation but on the other hand we are ashamed to have lived so much of our lives rejecting Him. He is loving, merciful, and kind. I expect that I will bow before Him and words will fail to express the love I have for Him now. We also long to see our friends again and hopefully the Lord will allow us to do so.

Another night has come and we traveled 80 miles today. The horses were feeling energetic and seemed as anxious as we were to get home. Our GPS does not work at all. It must be that the satellites are all out of order. We do have a map and though the roads are a mess and travel by car is all but impossible the horses are making it just fine. We are following Interstate 29 south. We stop to turn road signs over to see where we are. We are currently at a small town called Mound City, Missouri where we will spend the night. Food and supplies are abundant since most of the population is dead. We come across collapsed convenience stores and gas stations along the way and with no one around we help ourselves to whatever we find useful in the rubble. There are many hurting and dying from their injuries. Those who were killed out right are considered the lucky ones. So far we have only seen “M's” injured and dead, “S's” seem to have been spared. We praise God for His mercy toward us.



Darkness has come upon AC's kingdom. The people who took his Mark are suffering with horrible migraine like headaches. Their sores will not heal and no amount of pain medication will relieve their pain. I praise God that I did not take the Mark. There has been some rebellion against AC but he has crushed every country that has gone against him. No one dares to stand up against him. Coalition forces made up of armies from all the major countries are gathering for the battle of Armageddon. They don't see it that way because they are so deceived.
Bro. John says that we will need to return to civilization when Christ returns. He expects that we will be informed as to what to do and says to expect a summons to appear before the Lord in Jerusalem. He says that everyone will stand before Jesus to be judged and that those who are saved will be allowed to go home and live out their lives in peace. Those who are lost will die in their sins.
Since we have seen all but the last vial poured out we expect the time of the end is only days away. We have had plenty to eat and those of our group who know horses have not only taken care of the ones we have but have found other horses and added to the herd. It looks like everyone will have their own horse to ride with a few extra to spare. They also found some cows that they said were strays and these have provided us with some really good meals. We have a plan for when the big earthquake hits and have been having earthquake drills to make sure we are ready. When it is over we will head south back to the States.
It worries Noah and me that some of the others want to take matters into their own hands. It is better for us to live like Christians ought to live and trust in God to care for us. I know that the way we have been treated by the “M's” was wrong and that they have killed many Christians who certainly did not deserve to die. But vengeance belongs to God, not to us. We should not let our hatred for those who have killed our friends and loved ones cause us to be like those of the world. I felt so bad about looting that house even though the owners were dead. It still was not right and the guilt that I felt afterward is not worth it. I will not take that which does not belong to me but instead will let the Lord provide. Pastor John has been trying to make everyone understand that in less than three months we will be standing before Jesus and He knows everything that we have done. All we will be able to do when that day comes is to thank Him for His mercy and grace.
I have seen enough of war and hatred. Pastor John's description of the coming kingdom sounds so good. It will be wonderful to live in peace and to have loving and caring neighbors. I look forward to helping my neighbors rebuild their homes and share with them the produce from my garden and to sit on their porches and have them sit on mine and enjoy peace and quite. Noah and I are not going to have a TV, computer, or even a radio. We want to love and know our neighbors and enjoy a simple way of life. I can't imagine lions laying down with lambs so I can't wait to see it. There was a time in our country when people knew and helped their neighbors; A time when community gatherings for fun and games was what everyone looked forward to. Pastor John says we will be allowed and encouraged to travel to Jerusalem to see the Lord every year. What a great time that will be.
We pray for the world because of the earthquake that is coming. Every city will collapse and many people will be killed.



I have to ride for three hours to get to a spot where I get enough signal to get on the Internet. I do this because of a promise to a dear friend that I believe I will see again very soon. We made it to the contact point 10 days ago and to our surprise we found 38 people there. They came from all over the country having deciphered our code from the blog. They wanted to join us on our journey to Canada. After getting acquainted they made me the “trail boss” and so after assigning responsibilities to everyone in the group we headed off for the border. We even have a Pastor. He was still beating himself up for having a doctor's degree in theology and yet did not know Jesus as his Savior until 90% of his congregation disappeared in the rapture. I got him aside right off and told him to cut it out and step up and be the spiritual leader that he trained to be. Even the Apostle Paul was a doctor of the Law before he was saved. We crossed the border by night and saw no one. We are staying away from populated areas. Three of the people in our group raise horses and brought them along. Our little group has 15 horses now so Trigger has some company. We are made up of people between the ages of 13 and 70 all in relatively good health. All have unique stories as to why they were left behind and how they have survived the great tribulation. Pastor's story is my favorite.
The rivers have turned blood red and we had been melting snow for drinking water. The temperature has begun to rise and the snow is all gone now. For fear of sunburn and heat stroke we stay covered in the shade and sleep, doing our work at night. We have guns and are in such a remote area that we do not fear persecution. We hunt, cook, and eat during the night and sleep during the oppressive heat of the day. We filter and drink water out of a lake which is red and tastes like iron. The horses don't seem to mind drinking the water.
Since arriving in Canada we have not seen any people. We have looted some abandoned houses along the way and even came across a barn with enough hay for the horses. I have been persuaded not to feel guilty for looting. But there is one thing that I could not do and will not be talked into. There are some in our group that would not hesitate to kill “M's” if felt threatened. They reason that “M's” have no hope and their lives are not worth the loss of even one “S.” I must confess there is a part of me that agrees with that thought but the Bible says “Love your enemies” and “Turn the other cheek” so I encourage the group not to hate anyone. According to the Internet there is misery everywhere. “AC” is rallying everyone to go against Israel in one last great push to do them in forever. I have decided not to check the news anymore and just stay focused on prayer and waiting for the end. It keeps us busy just surviving and watching the eastern sky. Pastor, Bro. John as we call him, brings us lessons about the coming reign of Christ each morning right before sunrise. He has quickly gained our respect and confidence. The rest of us know almost nothing about the Bible.
I expect that this may be the last blog for a while if the darkness has anything to do with the lack of electricity. I will continue to write and will post later. We are surviving the heat and are watching for the coming of the LORD. There is pain coming to those who have the Mark. There is drought coming to those in the Middle East. There is the mother of all earthquakes coming to us all. We are going to watch for our Lord and when He comes we will be oh so ready.


North Bound

(This is Sam again.) We feel guilty for doing so, but we believe that God will forgive us. We broke into a house that was badly damaged by the earthquake. The family inside were all dead and we stole some of their things. We found that they had a wireless cell phone modem and so are using that to connect to the Internet. They will shut it off eventually when the bill is not paid but for now it works great when we can get a signal. Most cell towers are down. We have stayed on the move not staying anywhere more than one night. Trigger carries our things except for what is in our back packs. We are on a freight train right now heading north. It was quite a chore to get Trigger on this flat bed rail car. Under the cover of dark we found a train that had come to a stop and there were several empty flat bed cars. We built a ramp for him to walk up on and he did not trust our workmanship at first. It did hold him up and we will ride as far as this train will take us. We have no worries as long as it is night but during the day when we pass through towns people give us a strange look and we just hope they are not calling the police. The train has headed steadily north and we are now three states north of where we started. When the train stops we will get off and walk north until we can catch another train.
We have seen many people with sores on their faces and hands. They look bad and they hate anyone who does not have the Mark. We have wrapped our heads and hands as if covering sores so we blend in with everyone else. We have seen on the Internet the Red tide in the oceans. The fishing industry has been devastated and beaches are covered with dead fish and many dead whales have washed ashore. The temperature of the oceans has risen and the weather is going to be greatly affected. Seeing these things lets us know that the first two bowls of wrath have been poured out and there are five more to come.
We are headed for Canada trying to get as far north as we can to escape the scorching heat that we know is coming. We figure there is less direct sun light near the arctic circle than closer to the equator. We have a GPS but it does not work very well. A lot of the satellites are down, I suppose, but still it gives us a close enough estimate of where we are on the earth.
Again I want to say that we feel bad about looting houses and stores that have collapsed. We only do so if there is no one around. There have been so many people killed that there is a lot of stuff left unclaimed. It is by stealing that we have enough supplies for our journey. There was one small town that was so devastated that it was a ghost town. We found a lot of food there and filled our packs. There was a small pharmacy that had collapsed and after two hours of digging we recovered some anti-biotics and other medicines which may be helpful. We also feel bad about not helping people. We run the risk of arrest if we have much interaction with “M's.” We pray for them and have helped some who were in desperate need.
To those who have tried to contact Ezra I want you to know that he is gone and here is how you may connect with me as you would have him: 010711-0147282022-1309091113-1508353137-01050811 We long for this connection with you and hope and pray you will be able.


They are Gone

“We stood for hours watching through Barzillai's window the news coverage of the death of the two witnesses. “AC” has succeeded, in his all out war, in killing them and the TV stations keep playing the scene over and over. A holiday has been declared and people are celebrating all over the world. Pastor stayed by the window long enough to see the scene once and hear the report and then went back to camp. He has been in prayer and has been crying a lot. He is very emotional about all these things. The witnesses were killed at about 7:00 AM three days ago. Yesterday we were chased out of our camp by a raiding party of vigilantes. David and Jonathan stayed behind to buy us escape time. They were able to kill the dogs right off but the humans they could have killed they left alive. David and Jonathan were both killed and their bodies taken away. Poor Cushi watched from a safe distance as the mob beheaded them both and threw their lifeless bodies into the back of a truck. There have been a lot of “S's” found and arrested in these past few weeks. This is due to the incredible amount of zeal people have about the war “AC” is waging against the witnesses. Our children have not contacted us nor have they been on the Internet. We pray that they are all safe. We are devastated by the loss of David and Jonathan. Our hearts are broken and we are full of grief. This will most likely be my la...............”
These were the last words typed by Ezra. I am the one he called Sam. Noah and I returned to camp from a quick trip into town to find them all gone. Their things were just as they left them. Their clothes were in small piles where they evidently had been standing. They all left from the standing position and all were facing east. Noah and I ran to Barzallai's house to find him gone as well. It is an eerie sight to see. The fillings in their teeth, rings, even Barzallai's artificial hip were left behind. Noah and I did not truly believe in Jesus Christ the Savior of which our friends spoke. We do now and so the first order of business for us was to fall on our knees and pray. Jesus who is now our LORD has mercifully saved us and now we will strive to endure until He comes. Thanks to Pastor's Bible and notes which we have been studying intensely we know what is going to happen next. The most massive earthquake to yet hit the world took place moments after we arrived back at camp. We are not sure when the rapture occurred but we must have missed seeing their departure by a matter of minutes. Our quick trip to town was for the purpose to see what they did with the bodies of David and Jonathan. They were thrown on a pile with many other “S's” who had also been beheaded. The bodies were in one pile and the heads in another. It is amazing how uncivilized and barbaric the human race has become.
I plan to guard this laptop computer with my life. I have backed up the files and will keep them as I was instructed to show future generations what life was like in these the worst of times. I will post on the blog as often as I can but the time is short and it will not be long before the LORD and our friends will come back again. The first vial of the wrath of God will not affect us directly for we do not have the Mark. The second and third vials will effect the sea and the rivers. The fourth will bring high temperatures and great heat. We are not sure how we will cope with this. Underground would keep us cool but earthquakes make being underground risky. The fifth will affect the “M's” only as did the first and the sixth will impact the middle eastern area hardest. The seventh is the greatest worldwide earthquake to ever hit and we will pray for God to save us through it and all of these. Trigger is staying very close to us. It is as if he is afraid and we are not sure if he is afraid for himself or for us. Ezra often remarked that Trigger was an angel sent by God to help and I believe he was exactly right.
According to Pastor's notes we have about 3 months or so to endure until the Lord's return. With it being just the two of us we plan to travel north and hope that our chances of survival will be better there. We may try to hitch a ride on a freight train and get as far as it will take us. Our thinking is that it will be cooler the farther north we go and we have whatever time it takes for the first three vials to be poured out to get to a cooler climate. I will blog as I can as we pass towns on our journey. I do not know if anyone will be reading this. I hope that those who were reading this blog have all gone up to meet the Lord in the air.

One in Three

The Sixth Trumpet has sounded and the cinder cones are causing death all over the planet. The numbers of the estimated dead, which the news media are giving out, are far fewer than what we know to be the actual numbers. The Bible has said that at the Sixth Trumpet one third of men will be killed. There is not one volcano that is not currently active. These are spewing ash clouds and lava which are killing millions of people. Entire communities and towns have been buried under tons of ash. Our site is in a safe area between cinder cones. There is a thick haze over us but it is not so bad as to require the use of dust masks.
The two prophets in Israel have been on the news a lot lately. They have been the cause of much misery and are being blamed for everything bad that has happened. “AC” has had his fill of them and is on His way to Jerusalem to confront them. We already know how this is going to come out so we are ready. Pastor believes that we have just a matter of weeks before the seventh trumpet will sound. A group of us have come to town this time to lend a hand digging people out of the rubble and ash. There are just not enough rescue workers for the amount of people effected by these eruptions. Sam, Noah, Jael, Isaac, Rebekah, David, Jonathan, my wife and I have helped to rescue several people. Not one of them complained that we did not have the Mark. We left the others behind at camp to take care of the orphans. Trigger was a big help. We put a harness on him and he was able to pull large chunks of debris out of the way.
Looking at the scenes on the TV and the scenes which we have seen here in our local area we wonder how in the world will this mess ever be cleaned up. I remember seeing pictures of bombed out cities from World War II and seeing the same cities all cleaned up and restored. The amount of clean up work that it will take to restore these places to a livable condition seems, as in those days, overwhelming. Pastor reminded me that they will have 1000 years to get it done.
With the rapture perhaps just weeks away we are trying to tell as many as we can about the Gospel of Christ and of the things to come. Our message seems to fall on deaf ears and even the people we have rescued have been completely unrepentant.
I have spoken with Sam privately about being saved. He still is unsure and hesitant. I have asked him to take over my scribe duties when I am gone and continue to record the events of the seven vials of the wrath of God. Future generations will need to hear these stories and how men lived during these the worst of times. He has not consented to do so but I believe that he will.
Our Children are faring well. The Seventh Trumpet is about to sound and we are more excited than kids on Christmas eve. If I do not get to blog again I hope to see you all in heaven soon. According to the Bible we will be changed instantly and will be taken up into the clouds to meet the LORD in the air. The Lord will take us to heaven where we shall stand on the sea of glass and have the greatest praise and worship service ever known to man or angel. That service is described in Revelation 19:1-6. We go to sleep each night knowing we may be awakened by the sound of a mighty trumpet. Even so come quickly Lord Jesus! (Revelation 9:12-21)