Tribman: "Guns or Butter"

It has been 3 weeks and I have resigned myself to the fact that there is no way I am going to be able to blog every week. Bloging must take a back seat to more pressing matters. There are so many that I need to visit to help them understand the urgency of preparing for the coming of the LORD. I am starting to evaluate people and categorize them as C's, M's, and S's. Most, unfortunately, are M's, C's come in second and S's are dead last.
The second seal has been opened and I had no idea that there could be so many wars going on at once. That is all that is on the news lately. The US is broken financially and has had to pull most of her military back home, closing most foreign bases. There is a heavy concentration of troops on the border with Mexico and it is looking like we may intervene in that war. I have been watching the news and it looks as though a nuclear strike may be imminent. The world is crying out for some solution to these violent world wide wars and AC is poised to end them quickly but at a great human cost. Countries are spending millions on war and the “guns or butter” economic models are not looking too good. This is going to set us up for the third seal with its scarcity of food and runaway inflation. I am so glad this is only going to last another 6 years.
I am doing all I can, as I am sure each of you are, to store up dry goods against that day. Dried beans, rice, pasta, flour, baking powder, salt, sugar, cream of wheat, oatmeal, vegetable oil, and dried fruit are cheap and available right now but not for long. I have purchased as many freeze dried meals as I could get my hands on and my wife has been caning as many jars of food as she can. Our dehydrator is running round the clock. We make weekly trips, being sure to stick with the protocol, to the pad to unload supplies. We found 3 metal 55 gallon drums with removable lids. These make excellent rodent proof storage for our food. We are trying to store up enough for us and as many as we can help. Food lines are coming so be ready.
It took all morning to prepare the old well at the pad. I used the device shown in the picture to clean out the gunk from the bottom of the well. It is 40 feet deep and we had to use a bucket and rope to dip as much water out as we could. I measured the depth and diameter of the water in the well and came up with how many gallons of water it contained. I poured in a cup of bleach and will let that set for a week or two before spending another half day or so bailing it out again. This should make the water safe for drinking. That well has not been used for 35 years. Looks like we will be ready to go when the third seal comes. When the shortages start we will abandon our home and spend the rest of our days at the pad. I built a foxhole radio and it works. As long as AM radio does not go digital we can keep up with the news with no batteries. A foxhole radio has no electronics and can not be detected, (remember the protocol). Google foxhole radio, they are easy to make.
Our pastor read a scripture that used to not make since to me but it sure does now. Daniel 8:25 “And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many: he shall also stand up against the Prince of princes; but he shall be broken without hand.” I can now see people in a panic will do anything for peace even if it means the death of millions. (Rev. 6:3-6)

Tribman and Bills

Sorry I could not blog last week. I was just too busy. With all the road and bridge repairs due to the recent earthquakes it is hard to get around. First let me report some great news. Bill got saved last week! We were talking about old times when out of the blue he said he wanted me to help him with something. I said “sure, anything.” He said show me what the Bible says about how you can know if you're going to heaven when you die. I got out my Bible and in just a little bit he said he wanted to be saved and asked me if I would pray with him. I did and when we finished he said with a tear in his eye “Thank You, LORD!” I have seen more people saved this past week than I have seen in the past 10 years. Our church attendance is way up and the preacher is preaching three times as long as he did before and no one seems to mind at all. He is teaching us about the coming of the LORD and we hang on his every word. He has a steady stream of people through his office wanting to know more and many wanting to be saved. He says they even come to his house and I asked him if he was getting any sleep to which he replied “I'll rest up there.”
I cashed in my 401k and it should be direct deposited in about a month. I hate to loose all that money because of early withdrawal but it's better than losing it all. The “Covenant” will do away with cash in less than two years and we will all be on the Acme so I have refined my shopping list and have already started buying, with cash, what we will need. Between the earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes the stores stay sold out of a lot of the items we need. I truly thank God for small "Mom and Pop" stores that don't have security cameras and don't keep records. If I had listened to you guys I would not be having this problem. I guess I should quit kicking myself about that. The picture is of our pad and it definitely is not a second honeymoon suite. It does not look like much from the outside and that is the way we want it to look, vacant. It is out of sight from the road and only our children know of its location. We have a good tent and due to the danger the frequent earthquakes pose we will spend most nights in it. Living like Abraham did will not be so bad. For the first time in my life I will truly feel like a pilgrim on the earth. We will enjoy our house for as long as we can. I have prepaid our electric bill so we will have a sizable credit with them, enough to last a year or so. They seemed more than happy for me to overpay our bill. I have done the gas bill and internet service the same way but the water bill can only be pay as you go. I figure we can live here for the first year of the second half and then we will have to move to the pad. ….Whoa got to run, earth is shaking bad. I can see why Jesus called this time “the beginning of sorrows.”
(Matthew 24:4-8) (Romans 10:13)

Tribman Online

Well I have followed the protocol and visited each of your sites and now I have mine up and running. It is my prayer that this will work and serve us all well. I have a “hot spot” picked out and found a secure place to access it unnoticed. I have also located a secure power source for charging my battery. This is all new territory for us and we will need to help one another discover what works and what does not. I have my “Pad” chosen and it meets all the criteria we have been discussing.
I wish now I had not been so stubborn and blind but had believed you guys when you tried to convince me that “The Treaty” was “The Covenant.” I have lost precious time, a full 6 months, with which to prepare for the second half. I will work extra hard now knowing the time is close. Can you believe how fast the Temple is going up? I have my emergency pack ready and as you can see from the picture I have included the Bible. I am so glad now that my brother introduced me to the sport of hiking a few years back. The survival skills that sport has taught me will sure come in handy during the coming disasters. I can see that the next 6 years will see us all doing a lot of hiking. I want to thank JS for the food ideas and the book you recommended is great. I have always wondered what life was like for my mother when she was a girl living in the country back in the 1930's and now I guess I will get to experience that life for myself. If she could do it so can I. Got to run, I have less than three years to get ready and the first order of business is to say goodbye to 401K. As agreed I will blog again next Saturday.
(Daniel 9:27)



This blog will be a fictional account of a man who is going through The Great Tribulation. This fictional character will post every Saturday. He will tell what things have happened in the world and in his own life during that week. The intent of this blog is to stir the mind of the reader to consider the details of The Great Tribulation and suggest possible scenarios of life during those troublesome times. I hope that you will enjoy this fictional blog and that you will be drawn to a closer walk with God.