Year: 1
We had twins! They were born with no problems at all. Tabitha was born first and Ezra was born second. We named them after our dear friends who stopped by to see them on the day of their birth. They are both healthy and weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces each. We are already telling them about Jesus even though they are only weeks old. We have finished building our house and barn. We have lots of farm animals. We grow a large garden and large fields of wheat and corn.
It has taken all year for them to clean up after the battle of Armageddon over in the land of Israel. Israel is a wonderful place flowing with milk and honey. The land is lush and green. It looks nothing like it did before. It is not an arid land any more.

Year: 2
We are now two years into the millennium. We have a new form of government here in the United States of America. The few governmental leaders that survived the Tribulation met and formed a governing counsel. Their first order of business was to appointed a governor over us who answers to a representative of the King of Kings. He has met with Jesus and received instructions as to how to govern the people of the United States. Our governor appointed judges who were approved by the governing counsel. These have local offices and courts to judge and make decisions for the people. Any conflicts between people is brought before the local court and the judge makes his ruling. We will elect the governing counsel every seven years. As our population grows the counsel will also grow in number. The governor will be appointed by the counsel and will be our representative before the King of Kings. All laws passed by the governing counsel must be approved by a representative of the King of Kings.

Year: 3
There is only one religion in all the world. It does not have a name. People meet in small, local groups to worship and learn the teachings of Jesus. Everyone is allowed to travel for free to Jerusalem to see Jesus and to be taught more advanced lessons on the doctrines of God. Noah and I have been going once a year during the feast of tabernacles. It is a very joyous time in Israel and there are huge crowds of people all glorifying God together. It is a wonderful, wonderful time. We got to meet all of the apostles and sit and learn at their feet. The Apostle John teaches classes on love. Peter teaches classes on loyalty. Thomas teaches classes on faith. Paul teaches classes on evangelism.
We have another baby on the way! It does not matter if it is a boy or a girl. The ladies of our community say it will be a boy. We have a school house in town and we now have three teachers working there. There is going to be a baby boom this year for almost every woman of child bearing age is either expecting or carrying a baby. We have a hospital in our town now and the busiest part of the hospital is the maternity ward. The rest of the hospital is most often empty.

Year: 4
David was born 8 pounds 2 ounces. Again we have named one of our children after one of our friends from the tribulation. We take our children to church services and are training them to sit still during the services. We have four revival services a year in our town. Famous evangelists come and preach for us. We have a different one each night for two weeks. Men who where preachers during their lives on earth come and preach for us and their messages are outstanding and though they seem so short the preaching actually lasts for hours. Our children are young and sleep through most of the services. Some of the greatest singers ever also come and lead the songs of praise. Pastor was one of our evangelists and it was so good to hear him preach.
David and Jonathan, our friends and guardians from the tribulation, stopped in for a visit. David wanted to meet his name sake. These two men make a good team. They have the power to transcend time and space and can be instantly where ever they need to be. They also can hide their identity when the need arises. The main job for them is to help people do the right thing. They don't make people do the right thing; they just show them the way.


A Brave New World

I stood before the Lord and, though standing in a large crowd, I felt as though He were looking directly at me. We had been led into the Temple and separated into two groups. The other group was spoken to first. Jesus scolded them for their mistreatment of Him. They protested back that they were innocent and had never even seen Him before. They were silenced by His reply and immediately led away. Jesus then looked directly at me. The others in the group would later say that He was looking directly at each of them. We all heard His voice in our own language. He thanked me for the kindness that I had shown to Him when He was hungry, thirsty, and in prison. At that moment I felt like there was no one else in the whole world but Jesus and me. His eyes where full of gratitude as if I had done some great thing for Him. I had never seen Him hungry, thirsty, or in prison. It is I that owed a debt to Him not Him to me. He pointed in a sweeping and hesitating motion toward a group of people standing very closely beside Him. I looked to see the faces of the whole group with which we had endured the Tribulation. There was Ezra, Tabitha, Pastor, Elisabeth, David, Jonathan, Jael, Isaac, Rebekah, Barzillai, and the orphans they had taken in all standing there close to Jesus. My mind was filled with the memories of how grateful they were when I would bring bags of food for them. The sight of the women's prison flashed in my mind as Jesus said, “You did it unto these my people, you did it unto me.” We were led out of the Temple and back to the airport. Ezra explained that we should return to our home and rest in peace. We boarded the plane and in just hours we were home again.
We were greeted by Trigger first thing. He seemed so glad to see us. The weather is perfect and the sky has been miraculously cleared up and has never looked so good. We sleep under the stars without fear of harm. Ants don't bite and bugs don't pester us. We have plenty to eat since everything we plant grows incredibly fast. We have chosen to live a simple life. We like to take long rides and help our neighbors with their projects. Our community consists of about 120 people. We all gather, everyone of us, to worship and sing praises to God. Our life is much like it was back in the late 1800's. We share with our neighbors. Helping one another is a joy. Once a year we travel for free to Jerusalem to see our Lord and Savior. He is so loving and kind. After we visit Jesus at the Temple we follow the line of people out of the city to the top of a hill where there is a horrible reminder of what happens to those who have chosen to be enemies of God. There is a window that allows you to look into the place where the wicked and the evil are imprisoned until judgment day. Many rush by this sight not wanting to see its horror. I look long and hard because if it were not for God's grace I would be there.
Noah and I are expecting our first child. We are so excited about this. The ladies of our community say it is twins and Noah believes it. We plan to have as many children as the Lord will bless us with. Noah says “two dozen would be great.” Farming is actually fun. God is blessing with perfect weather for farming. We have been eating only vegetables, for the most part, along with eggs and cheese. We have seen enough of death and can't bare to take a life any more. Winter was mild and there are things we can grow year round to eat. We do can foods for the winter but we always have food left over and to spare when harvest time comes round again. Everyone is healthy. There are no high blood pressure problems, no diabetes, no heart problems, no cancer. Doctors only treat cuts and minor injuries. There is no war anywhere and people live in safety and peace. There is virtually no crime. We have truly gone from the worst of times to the best of times. (Matthew 25; Isaiah 66; Isaiah 11)



We arrived back in north Texas late yesterday afternoon. We have found a spot we feel is ideal to settle down in for now. We will not pick a permanent spot until we know what our Lord has in store for us. We have begun to build us a good wooden shelter knowing that the earthquakes are a thing of the past. We have slept in tents so long that it will be strange to sleep in a house on a real bed.
Trigger was the first to notice two figures coming across the field this morning. He took off like a shot running directly toward them. We watched as they greeted and embraced him like old friends. We suspected that it was some of our friends who had been raptured and were now returning to let us know that they were back. Ezra looked somehow younger than I remembered and his wife, Tabitha, was with him. We embraced each other for the longest time. It was so good to see them again. We sat down and talked for hours. They told how they had heard a trumpet sound and a voice and when they all turned to see its source they were instantly standing in the heavens before Jesus. They saw marvelous things too wonderful to tell. They followed Jesus back to the earth and were sent by him to tell us to come to Jerusalem to appear before Him.
We shared with them our story of how that God had watched over us and protected us from harm. There were so many questions we had for them and they patiently answered them all. They said we were to go to the nearest airport and get on a plane which would cost us nothing. The plane would take us to Jerusalem and we would be taken to the Temple to see Jesus. There would be no need for money for all our needs would be taken care of. Tomorrow Ezra and Tabitha will go with us to the airport and they will be picking up others along the way that will go with us.
It seems there are not many humans that survived the Great Tribulation. Had it not been cut short by the Lord's return no one would have survived. It is estimated that the population of the earth, not counting those immortal saints who have returned, is about 500 million. The immortal saints have been sent out by twos to bring everyone to Christ. The “M's” cannot refuse to go. When called they drop everything immediately and follow, without question or argument, the ones sent to lead them to the nearest airport, bus or train station. One of our many questions was how has the public transportation systems been repaired so quickly? How is it possible that there are enough pilots and other transportation personnel available and coordinated to get the job of transporting so many people to Jerusalem done? The answer was obvious. The Lord spoke and everything needed was taken care of. In just 75 days all mortals will be brought before the Lord in Jerusalem for judgment. If the Lord could create the Heavens and the Earth in six days a small thing like this is no problem at all.
We picked up 30 people on our way to the airport. It was a journey of about 15 miles. We waited about an hour for the next plane to arrive and then we boarded without any questions being asked. There was no security, no tickets, no ticket agents and no boarding passes. We just got on the plane and took off. We were fed well by the stewards on the flight and the flight was smooth and quick. There must have been a tremendous tail wind for we arrived in Jerusalem in less than four hours. The view from the air of the battlefield north of Jerusalem was terrifying to look upon. Never in the history of the world have so many died in one place and so suddenly. Jerusalem looks amazing and the new Temple unlike anything ever seen.
Our group of 200 is waiting at the north gate. There is a group in there with Jesus now and we are next. Ezra and Tabitha left our group and vanished as they walked away. They are off to gather others to bring them to Christ. I am terrified and it is only by God's grace I have the strength to stand here.


Episode 29: Motion Sickness

There is no more Internet access, at least for us, so I am now just writing a journal. It has been a little over two months since our friends were raptured. The last vial of the wrath of God which we call “the big one” hit at midnight. It was so violent and lasted so long that we all suffered from motion sickness. We were all sitting around talking when the horses started acting crazy. They were restless at first then as soon as it hit they all laid down and we followed their lead. There is a house near our campsite that collapsed in a cloud of dust. The trees swayed so violently that it snapped the tops off of all the taller ones. The initial quake lasted for thirty minutes. This was followed by huge aftershocks every few minutes each lasting for several seconds. There is no way any building or bridge could have withstood such violent shaking. We stayed lying down or crawling for the next six hours until the horses began to act normal again.
The Lord will be touching down on the Mount of Olives very soon. Right after the quakes were over we loaded up and headed out. Noah and I will split away from the group and keep heading south as the others head west and south west. We plan to settle down in North Texas if the Lord is willing for us to do so. I do not know what He has in store for us but I will trust in Him to do as He deems best.
It will take us about three weeks to get to where we are heading. We are thankful for the horses. Noah rides on Trigger and I am on Silver. Keeping with the TV theme we have named our pack horses Flicka and Mr. Ed. They will be very useful when we start our farm. We are excited and so glad that the horror is over. The last vial has been poured out and now we wait for survivors to climb out of the rubble and begin the process of cleaning up and rebuilding. We are not finding many survivors. The town we just left had no standing buildings and we saw only a few dozen people digging through the piles of what use to be buildings and homes. We stopped long enough to gather canned goods and supplies and then hit the trail again. We have been back in the States for three days and are making good time. We have stopped to rest for the night.

We just had the most wonderful experience. We woke up this morning and the sky off to the east had an unusual appearance. It was brighter than the normal sunrise. There was the sound of violent wind and we saw what looked like a man standing on the clouds descending to the earth. His appearance was glorious and awesome. The sight lasted about 15 minutes. It is exciting to think that Jesus is here on the earth. This means that the battle of Armageddon is over and that Jesus is about to sit on His throne. In celebration of this day of Christ's return I have thrown my gun away and will never pick it up again. We have mixed emotions about seeing the LORD. It is our understanding that we will all be summoned to appear before Him when He sits on the throne of His glory in Jerusalem. On the one hand we long to see the One who has saved our souls and kept us alive through this great tribulation but on the other hand we are ashamed to have lived so much of our lives rejecting Him. He is loving, merciful, and kind. I expect that I will bow before Him and words will fail to express the love I have for Him now. We also long to see our friends again and hopefully the Lord will allow us to do so.

Another night has come and we traveled 80 miles today. The horses were feeling energetic and seemed as anxious as we were to get home. Our GPS does not work at all. It must be that the satellites are all out of order. We do have a map and though the roads are a mess and travel by car is all but impossible the horses are making it just fine. We are following Interstate 29 south. We stop to turn road signs over to see where we are. We are currently at a small town called Mound City, Missouri where we will spend the night. Food and supplies are abundant since most of the population is dead. We come across collapsed convenience stores and gas stations along the way and with no one around we help ourselves to whatever we find useful in the rubble. There are many hurting and dying from their injuries. Those who were killed out right are considered the lucky ones. So far we have only seen “M's” injured and dead, “S's” seem to have been spared. We praise God for His mercy toward us.



Darkness has come upon AC's kingdom. The people who took his Mark are suffering with horrible migraine like headaches. Their sores will not heal and no amount of pain medication will relieve their pain. I praise God that I did not take the Mark. There has been some rebellion against AC but he has crushed every country that has gone against him. No one dares to stand up against him. Coalition forces made up of armies from all the major countries are gathering for the battle of Armageddon. They don't see it that way because they are so deceived.
Bro. John says that we will need to return to civilization when Christ returns. He expects that we will be informed as to what to do and says to expect a summons to appear before the Lord in Jerusalem. He says that everyone will stand before Jesus to be judged and that those who are saved will be allowed to go home and live out their lives in peace. Those who are lost will die in their sins.
Since we have seen all but the last vial poured out we expect the time of the end is only days away. We have had plenty to eat and those of our group who know horses have not only taken care of the ones we have but have found other horses and added to the herd. It looks like everyone will have their own horse to ride with a few extra to spare. They also found some cows that they said were strays and these have provided us with some really good meals. We have a plan for when the big earthquake hits and have been having earthquake drills to make sure we are ready. When it is over we will head south back to the States.
It worries Noah and me that some of the others want to take matters into their own hands. It is better for us to live like Christians ought to live and trust in God to care for us. I know that the way we have been treated by the “M's” was wrong and that they have killed many Christians who certainly did not deserve to die. But vengeance belongs to God, not to us. We should not let our hatred for those who have killed our friends and loved ones cause us to be like those of the world. I felt so bad about looting that house even though the owners were dead. It still was not right and the guilt that I felt afterward is not worth it. I will not take that which does not belong to me but instead will let the Lord provide. Pastor John has been trying to make everyone understand that in less than three months we will be standing before Jesus and He knows everything that we have done. All we will be able to do when that day comes is to thank Him for His mercy and grace.
I have seen enough of war and hatred. Pastor John's description of the coming kingdom sounds so good. It will be wonderful to live in peace and to have loving and caring neighbors. I look forward to helping my neighbors rebuild their homes and share with them the produce from my garden and to sit on their porches and have them sit on mine and enjoy peace and quite. Noah and I are not going to have a TV, computer, or even a radio. We want to love and know our neighbors and enjoy a simple way of life. I can't imagine lions laying down with lambs so I can't wait to see it. There was a time in our country when people knew and helped their neighbors; A time when community gatherings for fun and games was what everyone looked forward to. Pastor John says we will be allowed and encouraged to travel to Jerusalem to see the Lord every year. What a great time that will be.
We pray for the world because of the earthquake that is coming. Every city will collapse and many people will be killed.