Night and Day

We are overjoyed to have Elisabeth back. That is the nickname we have given to Pastor's wife. She seems to have been well cared for in prison. She told us that after dark they would gather in groups and have prayer together. They would each quote as many scriptures as they could and then discuss their meaning. She is so glad to have and hold a Bible again.
Night and day are sort of mixed up now with all the smoke, ash, and such in the sky. We get about 6 hours of good sunlight and then several hours of dusk. Then after about 6 hours of darkness the sky becomes light again several hours before we actually see the sun. It has been very strange. No one has ever seen anything like it.
K and BM were waiting for us by the side of the road on our way home the last time we came to town. It seems they are in danger and are going to need to move to avoid trouble and to keep us out of danger. They followed us to the Pad one more time to say goodbye. After assessing their situation and our own it was decided that we needed to relocate also. Our registered well has been visited once and most likely will be again. The strange truck continues to be a concern. The escapees will be sought and we are not near far enough away from the prison. So it has been decided that we will move and that K and BM will go with us. With the daytime and nighttime being shortened it will allow us to travel farther in a days time than we could have before. Also aircraft and satellite surveillance have been hampered by all the debris in the atmosphere.
We have made a horse drawn wagon for our gear and supplies. We each will carry as much as we can and poor Trigger will pull the rest. My wife and I have come to town to blog and to say that we do not know if we will be able to have secure Internet access where we are going but as soon as we can we will let you know how we are doing. David and Jonathan have scouted out our route and our relocation point. It is not perfect by any means but sounds workable. The most important things we need are there like water and isolation. There is an unregistered well there with good water. According to their blogs our children and their families are surviving. They continue to have problems and close calls. They have even had a lot of illness but, like us, they have had friends, “C's”, who have been a big help to them. We can't thank God enough for “C's.”
When we return to the Pad we will be heading out for our new location. BM will still be able to do the thing he does for those who need his services in exchange for his “shopping list.” K will have no connections for support and must depend on God as we do for sustenance. (Revelation 8:12-13)


Bicycle Man came to the Pad rather unexpectedly. He asked us to gather round for news concerning Pastor's wife. “My friend has confirmed that it is your wife in the women's prison,” he told Pastor. We all rejoiced at this great news. Not knowing had been agonizing. “I don't want to get your hopes up but there is an outside chance that we can get her out,” He continued. “Lets just say we think it is worth a try.” He began to tell us his plan which would require the help of David and Jonathan. It was a risky plan that might end with four more in prison rather than one less.
Packed for a five day journey they headed off. The plan was for BM and his friend, whom I shall call “K” to go into the prison dressed as prison guards. K's cousin, who is the Warden, would have Pastor's wife brought to his office where he had paperwork to give them stating that she was being transferred to another prison unit. She would be taken from the prison in their custody. They would drive to a remote location and turn Pastor's wife over to David and Jonathan who would take her back safely to the Pad. No one in the prison system would know, except the Warden. The Warden was doing this favor for K in exchange for some property he had always wanted which had been in K's family for centuries.
Things did not go at all according to the plan. It was a long two day hike to the spot where they were to meet K and they left the Pad under the cover of darkness. Right after they left, there was an incredible meteor shower. It was unlike anything ever seen before on earth. Pastor said “Wormwood is here.” David, Jonathan, and BM walked all night. By the early morning light they could see what looked like patches of hailstones on the ground. Some places the patches were heavy and other places there was none at all. They believed that this hail was somehow connected with the meteor shower. The morning sun soon melted the patches of hail. It took another long day of hiking to arrive at the predetermined rendezvous point where they met K. They rested for a day and then BM and K headed for the prison. When they arrived there was no guard at the front counter. They waited a while and when there was no sign of anyone coming K climbed over the counter and walked toward the back. K returned and signaled BM to follow. A guard was lying on the floor dead. They took his keys and unlocked the door at the end of the hall. Inside they found more guards dead. They made their way to the Wardens office where they found him still in his chair also dead. Through the window they could see that there were many prisoners who were lying motionless on the ground in the courtyard. Others were sitting in small groups. K lead the way to the door that lead into the courtyard. They were greeted by those who had survived whatever had killed the rest. Pastor's wife was near the back of the group. K explained the reason for their being there and encouraged those who wanted to escape to leave. They told Pastor's wife that they had come for her and that her husband was waiting for her. She could not bare to leave two of her new found friends behind who had no place to go, so the five of them headed off. David and Jonathan led the way back to camp while BM and K went on their way.
It was day break when we saw a line of five figures come out of the woods and start across the meadow. We soon could recognize the leader was David followed by three women and Jonathan in the rear. Pastor and his wife embraced for the longest time while praising and thanking God for his mercy that endures forever.
We discovered later that the water at the prison had been poisoned by the hailstones which had melted and ran into the reservoirs from which the public water system got its water. Christians knew this was coming so they knew not to drink the water the day after the meteor shower hit. It would be two days before the prison would be found empty of prisoners, giving the escapees a good head start. You see, the off duty workers at the prison were also poisoned and so the relieving shifts of guards and staff never arrived.
We are making plans to relocate. Between the truck that keeps snooping around and the registered water well we have decided it is best to move. They will most likely check on the well again, looking for sources of good water. Thanks to Trigger's refusal to drink water from the stream, but eagerness to drink water from the well, we knew that the water in the well was fine. The radio says that scattered throughout the country there are pockets of death where whole towns have been killed. Yet there are other cities and towns which were not affected by Wormwood. We are blessed to have been in a safe zone. (Revelation 8:10-11)

No More Tuna

The grass in our meadow is beginning to sprout again. The leaves will not be back until spring. The radio says that this year winter will be very cold and hard due to the amount of ash in the air. Not much sunlight makes it through to warm things up. The radio has been a blessing. We don't go to town as often as before so our news comes from the radio and Bicycle Man. Yes, BM has been coming to see us every week and stays for a meal and Bible study. He brings groceries and most of all news. Due to the high activity of volcanoes there is a huge amount of Red Tide which has killed the fishing industry. Tuna fish is a luxury now and horded like gold. The tidal waves have devastated ports, destroying 1000's of ships and the docks along the water fronts. Sounds like the second trumpet has sounded for sure. The greatest news of all has raised our hopes. BM thinks his friend has found Pastor's wife. She is alive and in a women's prison. I say “thinks” because her name was found on the role of prisoners but it might be another woman with the same name. His Friend is going to find out for sure and let him know. Pastor cried uncontrollably at the news. His tears seemed to really affect BM and he is going to do all he can to get the news back to us as soon as possible. I walked BM back to the road where he confided in me that prisoners are not well treated. Due to earthquake damage they are kept in tents in a courtyard. Rumor has it that executions are prevalent and those who inquire about the welfare of inmates are often detained for long periods of time. When escapees are caught they are never brought back alive. Some of the ones who dare to inquire about prisoners have even come up missing themselves.
Our hunters, David and Jonathan, have taken on another important duty. They watch for intruders. There has been a truck seen repeatedly on the road near our camp. They saw it to our south and then on another day it was to our north. Our pad is not within sight of the road even with all the trees and underbrush now gone. We remain quiet and try not to bring any attention to ourselves. I am afraid that it was this truck that was sending out the wireless signal that my laptop picked up. I have not made that mistake again. I just hope that that one time was not enough to cause us a problem. David has been watching from the north and camping there at nights to keep his ears and eyes on the look out. Jonathan has been doing the same thing to the south. If there is trouble they will sound the alarm and we will follow our escape route to get away. We are talking about moving our location each night so we are never in the same place twice. It will be a lot of trouble but may be worth it. BM asked me what we would do if we had to run and relocate suddenly. Would it be possible for him to find us if that happened? I reassured him I would leave him a clue as to how to contact us.
We have been amazed that no one else has come to the rendezvous point. With all that's happening in the world you would think people would be coming to Christianity by the droves. I can now see how the rapture of the saints could go almost unnoticed by the world. True Christians have all gone into hiding. It's funny to think that we hid in plain sight before all this hit because we told virtually no one about our faith.
Our food stores are very low. God is blessing our hunters with game and occasional fruits and vegetables. They found some ribbon cane and we made some syrup out of it. That was a special treat. Pastor keeps getting sick. He is very weak and Shiphrah takes good care of him. We call our designated nurse/doctor Shiphrah after one of the midwives of Exodus 1:15. We have all taken on Bible nicknames. Mine is Ezra (the ready scribe) because I keep this journal of our experiences. Had these nicknames been handed out a year ago mine might have been Eglon (Judges 3:17) but that name would not fit any of us now. (Revelation 8:8)


Fire Storm

Forewarned is forearmed. We knew the firestorm of the first trumpet was coming so we got as ready for it as we could. The radio said that fires are burning out of control in almost every State. The fire reached our clearing from the south side late one night. The smoke was the worst part. We had buried everything that could burn and we hid in our underground shelter which gave us some relief from the smoke. We felt bad for Trigger but there was no way we could dig a hole big enough to accommodate him and us. It was cool in the shelter and though the smell of smoke was great it was not visible in the shelter. Trigger seemed to be okay after it was all over. It took just three hours for the storm to move through. Daylight revealed that the larger trees near the creek and by the pond had survived. Our firewood pile was untouched, being with us near the center of the meadow. Having come through at night the chickens were in their roost and were not hurt, though two of them are missing. Bicycle Man had given us some large boxes of oatmeal and we sacrificed one of them for Trigger. He will not have much to eat until the grass sprouts back out. We praised the Lord because Trigger brought us to town on the strength of that one box of oats.
It is very dangerous to go to town. The authorities have their hands full with all the disasters that keep happening. They don't seem to have time to bother rooting out undesirable Christian “Cells.” We encountered Bicycle Man on our way into town. He has a friend who thinks he can find out what happened to Pastor's wife. This friend is a “C” like B. M. (who, by the way, did not like that I called him “BM” for short). This friend has a unique relationship with the powers that be and should be able, through his connections, to help us. A lot of homes were burned in town. Several business were also burned out. The landscape looks sad with everything charred. Food continues to be in short supply and our stores are running low. “Give us this day our daily bread” has taken on a whole new meaning now.
According to their blogs our children and their groups are doing well. They have had serious problems but have survived them by the grace of God. Our oldest and their group were betrayed and had to flee. A few of their group were caught. They have reason to believe that they have been executed. It has caused us all a bit of concern. If the disciples of Jesus did not have a clue about Judas how would we have one of a traitor in our midst. I will have to admit that Mark 13:12, a scripture that is prophetic of these last days, has caused me a couple of sleepless nights. Thank you Lord for sparing my children and grandchildren. You truly are our Rock and our Fortress.
Summer is gone and Pastor believes we have but one year left to endure. When we see Jesus we will sing and shout the victory. I am so excited to be living during these last days. Many have been saved and many have been martyred. The way we worship now is so much better than when our lives were normal. We truly live by faith and see the Glory of God every single day. God use to be only a part of our lives and now He is everything. Not a single moment goes by that I do not feel His presence and His working. His Spirit is within me and though I do not hear an audible voice nor do I hear voices in my head still He speaks to me clearly. I listen and follow His lead.
Hind sight is 20/20. I wish I had not been such a fool all my life. I wasted so much of my life with things. I truly hate the things of this world now. I just wish I had always done so. Regret is a powerful feeling. I regret my past life and form of religion. I am glad that I was saved at an early age but regret now that I did not love the LORD as I should have. If I could go back in time and give myself some advice it would be to stop striving for wealth and success and start focusing on loving the LORD with ALL your heart. Give of your BEST to the MASTER not what's left over. Seek FIRST the kingdom of God. Spend more time with family and friends and no time watching TV. The eight friends I live with now I know way more about than any friend I ever had before and I have only known most of them a year. God forgive me for not spending more time building relationships with others. My life before the tribulation was all about me. Now it is all about HIM.


Life Outside of Babylon

Life outside of “Babylon the Great” (Rev. 18:4) is not as bad as one might think. When God said for us to come out of her I must admit that we were full of doubt how we would be able to survive. What we found instead was a life which God intended for us to live all along. He said, “The just shall live by his faith,” and that is exactly how we live our lives now. I can remember the time that I thought loosing my health insurance coverage would be the end of the world. I laugh at that now. Pastor said, “We have the same health insurance that Abraham had and it's the best on earth. We have the same housing that Abraham had, the same hope as Abraham, and we look for the same city for which Abraham looked. We serve the same God which Abraham served.” So an outhouse is not such a bad thing; neither is sleeping in a tent. Eating as Abraham ate is actually healthy. Speaking of food we inherited fifteen chickens. That's a long story in itself but suffice it to say we built them a roost and they return to the nests we provided and so we each get an egg a day. Life is good outside of Babylon. We don't have to worry about paying bills or balancing a check book. Truly Caesar, and by that I mean the government of men, invented money and we are glad to have given it back to him. I have not had to file a tax return for three years now and that in itself is a big plus to life outside of Babylon.
The largest earthquake to ever hit the earth came at the Seventh Seal and It was tremendous indeed. Trigger warned us and laid down on the ground and we followed his lead and waited for it. We stayed down until he got up. Sometimes I think, though I know it surely can't be so, that Trigger is actually an angel in disguise. This quake was followed by one of the greatest storms I have ever experienced. We had everything tied down and were as ready for it as we could be. A lot of trees were downed and the lightning was non stop. Dozens of lightning bolts hit the trees and ground within our sight. It was awesome and terrifying. In spite of our best efforts we all got wet. Water ran into the tents by way of streams on the ground. The wind tore the seams in places allowing the rain to come in. There was nothing we could do but ride it out. We heard on the radio that every volcano and cinder cone on the earth is now active. They say that if they were all to erupt at once, it would be the end of our world. They don't expect that to happen but just a fourth of them going off at one time would drastically change life on earth. We know the outcome of these things so we are not worried as they are. After the storm passed and things dried up Pastor suggested we burn the grass in our meadow because of the coming fires of Revelation 8:7. “Let's keep the grass around our campsite and just burn the edges,” I said. Pastor patted me on the back and replied, “When the Bible says ALL it means ALL.” We started at our campsite and burned a big circle around us of about 300 feet in radius. We plan to go literally under ground to escape the coming smoke. We are digging a storm shelter in the ground and hope to have it ready for when the fire storm hits. We also have been storing up hay for Trigger, since the return of the grass will most likely be slow. Insects will flee to our little bare spot when the fire comes and the chickens should have a feast. I better sign off for now and get back to digging. Hope each of you are fairing well. No word yet from Pastor's wife. She has not been seen by anyone since Pastor was arrested. We stop by the rendezvous point every trip to town but so far no one else has joined us. We see Bicycle Man almost every week. He has not yet consented to visit us at the Pad but I think we are wearing him down. He gives us a couple of sacks of groceries and other items every time we see him. We now know where he lives and it may be safe enough for us to go there to visit some day. He is going to do some snooping around and try to find out something about Pastor's wife. We told him to be careful. It could be a trap. We get a WiFi signal at the pad now but we think it unwise to use it. I opened the laptop to compose a blog entry before heading for town and the signal showed up. I turned off my WiFi as quickly as I could and hoped it did not give our position away. (Revelation 8:1-7; 18:4)