Tribman The Book Has Begun

I have started work on the Tribman novel.  I have the character profiles in the works.  After this is done I will be outlining the plot.  Once I am satisfied with the characters and the plot I will begin the writing. I expect to write this book 2 times.  The first time will be somewhat of a rough draft.  I will then rewrite hopefully just once and have the final book done.  This will be followed by much proof reading and editing.  The book will vary from the Tribman blog in a number of ways.  The novel will not be done from a blog or diary view point.  There will be many more details along with footnotes to let the reader know the scriptural basis for the action and events.  I am looking forward to reaching the end of this long journey which I believe will take about 2 years.  Thank you for your interest in this blog and in the up coming novel.