I have to ride for three hours to get to a spot where I get enough signal to get on the Internet. I do this because of a promise to a dear friend that I believe I will see again very soon. We made it to the contact point 10 days ago and to our surprise we found 38 people there. They came from all over the country having deciphered our code from the blog. They wanted to join us on our journey to Canada. After getting acquainted they made me the “trail boss” and so after assigning responsibilities to everyone in the group we headed off for the border. We even have a Pastor. He was still beating himself up for having a doctor's degree in theology and yet did not know Jesus as his Savior until 90% of his congregation disappeared in the rapture. I got him aside right off and told him to cut it out and step up and be the spiritual leader that he trained to be. Even the Apostle Paul was a doctor of the Law before he was saved. We crossed the border by night and saw no one. We are staying away from populated areas. Three of the people in our group raise horses and brought them along. Our little group has 15 horses now so Trigger has some company. We are made up of people between the ages of 13 and 70 all in relatively good health. All have unique stories as to why they were left behind and how they have survived the great tribulation. Pastor's story is my favorite.
The rivers have turned blood red and we had been melting snow for drinking water. The temperature has begun to rise and the snow is all gone now. For fear of sunburn and heat stroke we stay covered in the shade and sleep, doing our work at night. We have guns and are in such a remote area that we do not fear persecution. We hunt, cook, and eat during the night and sleep during the oppressive heat of the day. We filter and drink water out of a lake which is red and tastes like iron. The horses don't seem to mind drinking the water.
Since arriving in Canada we have not seen any people. We have looted some abandoned houses along the way and even came across a barn with enough hay for the horses. I have been persuaded not to feel guilty for looting. But there is one thing that I could not do and will not be talked into. There are some in our group that would not hesitate to kill “M's” if felt threatened. They reason that “M's” have no hope and their lives are not worth the loss of even one “S.” I must confess there is a part of me that agrees with that thought but the Bible says “Love your enemies” and “Turn the other cheek” so I encourage the group not to hate anyone. According to the Internet there is misery everywhere. “AC” is rallying everyone to go against Israel in one last great push to do them in forever. I have decided not to check the news anymore and just stay focused on prayer and waiting for the end. It keeps us busy just surviving and watching the eastern sky. Pastor, Bro. John as we call him, brings us lessons about the coming reign of Christ each morning right before sunrise. He has quickly gained our respect and confidence. The rest of us know almost nothing about the Bible.
I expect that this may be the last blog for a while if the darkness has anything to do with the lack of electricity. I will continue to write and will post later. We are surviving the heat and are watching for the coming of the LORD. There is pain coming to those who have the Mark. There is drought coming to those in the Middle East. There is the mother of all earthquakes coming to us all. We are going to watch for our Lord and when He comes we will be oh so ready.


North Bound

(This is Sam again.) We feel guilty for doing so, but we believe that God will forgive us. We broke into a house that was badly damaged by the earthquake. The family inside were all dead and we stole some of their things. We found that they had a wireless cell phone modem and so are using that to connect to the Internet. They will shut it off eventually when the bill is not paid but for now it works great when we can get a signal. Most cell towers are down. We have stayed on the move not staying anywhere more than one night. Trigger carries our things except for what is in our back packs. We are on a freight train right now heading north. It was quite a chore to get Trigger on this flat bed rail car. Under the cover of dark we found a train that had come to a stop and there were several empty flat bed cars. We built a ramp for him to walk up on and he did not trust our workmanship at first. It did hold him up and we will ride as far as this train will take us. We have no worries as long as it is night but during the day when we pass through towns people give us a strange look and we just hope they are not calling the police. The train has headed steadily north and we are now three states north of where we started. When the train stops we will get off and walk north until we can catch another train.
We have seen many people with sores on their faces and hands. They look bad and they hate anyone who does not have the Mark. We have wrapped our heads and hands as if covering sores so we blend in with everyone else. We have seen on the Internet the Red tide in the oceans. The fishing industry has been devastated and beaches are covered with dead fish and many dead whales have washed ashore. The temperature of the oceans has risen and the weather is going to be greatly affected. Seeing these things lets us know that the first two bowls of wrath have been poured out and there are five more to come.
We are headed for Canada trying to get as far north as we can to escape the scorching heat that we know is coming. We figure there is less direct sun light near the arctic circle than closer to the equator. We have a GPS but it does not work very well. A lot of the satellites are down, I suppose, but still it gives us a close enough estimate of where we are on the earth.
Again I want to say that we feel bad about looting houses and stores that have collapsed. We only do so if there is no one around. There have been so many people killed that there is a lot of stuff left unclaimed. It is by stealing that we have enough supplies for our journey. There was one small town that was so devastated that it was a ghost town. We found a lot of food there and filled our packs. There was a small pharmacy that had collapsed and after two hours of digging we recovered some anti-biotics and other medicines which may be helpful. We also feel bad about not helping people. We run the risk of arrest if we have much interaction with “M's.” We pray for them and have helped some who were in desperate need.
To those who have tried to contact Ezra I want you to know that he is gone and here is how you may connect with me as you would have him: 010711-0147282022-1309091113-1508353137-01050811 We long for this connection with you and hope and pray you will be able.


They are Gone

“We stood for hours watching through Barzillai's window the news coverage of the death of the two witnesses. “AC” has succeeded, in his all out war, in killing them and the TV stations keep playing the scene over and over. A holiday has been declared and people are celebrating all over the world. Pastor stayed by the window long enough to see the scene once and hear the report and then went back to camp. He has been in prayer and has been crying a lot. He is very emotional about all these things. The witnesses were killed at about 7:00 AM three days ago. Yesterday we were chased out of our camp by a raiding party of vigilantes. David and Jonathan stayed behind to buy us escape time. They were able to kill the dogs right off but the humans they could have killed they left alive. David and Jonathan were both killed and their bodies taken away. Poor Cushi watched from a safe distance as the mob beheaded them both and threw their lifeless bodies into the back of a truck. There have been a lot of “S's” found and arrested in these past few weeks. This is due to the incredible amount of zeal people have about the war “AC” is waging against the witnesses. Our children have not contacted us nor have they been on the Internet. We pray that they are all safe. We are devastated by the loss of David and Jonathan. Our hearts are broken and we are full of grief. This will most likely be my la...............”
These were the last words typed by Ezra. I am the one he called Sam. Noah and I returned to camp from a quick trip into town to find them all gone. Their things were just as they left them. Their clothes were in small piles where they evidently had been standing. They all left from the standing position and all were facing east. Noah and I ran to Barzallai's house to find him gone as well. It is an eerie sight to see. The fillings in their teeth, rings, even Barzallai's artificial hip were left behind. Noah and I did not truly believe in Jesus Christ the Savior of which our friends spoke. We do now and so the first order of business for us was to fall on our knees and pray. Jesus who is now our LORD has mercifully saved us and now we will strive to endure until He comes. Thanks to Pastor's Bible and notes which we have been studying intensely we know what is going to happen next. The most massive earthquake to yet hit the world took place moments after we arrived back at camp. We are not sure when the rapture occurred but we must have missed seeing their departure by a matter of minutes. Our quick trip to town was for the purpose to see what they did with the bodies of David and Jonathan. They were thrown on a pile with many other “S's” who had also been beheaded. The bodies were in one pile and the heads in another. It is amazing how uncivilized and barbaric the human race has become.
I plan to guard this laptop computer with my life. I have backed up the files and will keep them as I was instructed to show future generations what life was like in these the worst of times. I will post on the blog as often as I can but the time is short and it will not be long before the LORD and our friends will come back again. The first vial of the wrath of God will not affect us directly for we do not have the Mark. The second and third vials will effect the sea and the rivers. The fourth will bring high temperatures and great heat. We are not sure how we will cope with this. Underground would keep us cool but earthquakes make being underground risky. The fifth will affect the “M's” only as did the first and the sixth will impact the middle eastern area hardest. The seventh is the greatest worldwide earthquake to ever hit and we will pray for God to save us through it and all of these. Trigger is staying very close to us. It is as if he is afraid and we are not sure if he is afraid for himself or for us. Ezra often remarked that Trigger was an angel sent by God to help and I believe he was exactly right.
According to Pastor's notes we have about 3 months or so to endure until the Lord's return. With it being just the two of us we plan to travel north and hope that our chances of survival will be better there. We may try to hitch a ride on a freight train and get as far as it will take us. Our thinking is that it will be cooler the farther north we go and we have whatever time it takes for the first three vials to be poured out to get to a cooler climate. I will blog as I can as we pass towns on our journey. I do not know if anyone will be reading this. I hope that those who were reading this blog have all gone up to meet the Lord in the air.

One in Three

The Sixth Trumpet has sounded and the cinder cones are causing death all over the planet. The numbers of the estimated dead, which the news media are giving out, are far fewer than what we know to be the actual numbers. The Bible has said that at the Sixth Trumpet one third of men will be killed. There is not one volcano that is not currently active. These are spewing ash clouds and lava which are killing millions of people. Entire communities and towns have been buried under tons of ash. Our site is in a safe area between cinder cones. There is a thick haze over us but it is not so bad as to require the use of dust masks.
The two prophets in Israel have been on the news a lot lately. They have been the cause of much misery and are being blamed for everything bad that has happened. “AC” has had his fill of them and is on His way to Jerusalem to confront them. We already know how this is going to come out so we are ready. Pastor believes that we have just a matter of weeks before the seventh trumpet will sound. A group of us have come to town this time to lend a hand digging people out of the rubble and ash. There are just not enough rescue workers for the amount of people effected by these eruptions. Sam, Noah, Jael, Isaac, Rebekah, David, Jonathan, my wife and I have helped to rescue several people. Not one of them complained that we did not have the Mark. We left the others behind at camp to take care of the orphans. Trigger was a big help. We put a harness on him and he was able to pull large chunks of debris out of the way.
Looking at the scenes on the TV and the scenes which we have seen here in our local area we wonder how in the world will this mess ever be cleaned up. I remember seeing pictures of bombed out cities from World War II and seeing the same cities all cleaned up and restored. The amount of clean up work that it will take to restore these places to a livable condition seems, as in those days, overwhelming. Pastor reminded me that they will have 1000 years to get it done.
With the rapture perhaps just weeks away we are trying to tell as many as we can about the Gospel of Christ and of the things to come. Our message seems to fall on deaf ears and even the people we have rescued have been completely unrepentant.
I have spoken with Sam privately about being saved. He still is unsure and hesitant. I have asked him to take over my scribe duties when I am gone and continue to record the events of the seven vials of the wrath of God. Future generations will need to hear these stories and how men lived during these the worst of times. He has not consented to do so but I believe that he will.
Our Children are faring well. The Seventh Trumpet is about to sound and we are more excited than kids on Christmas eve. If I do not get to blog again I hope to see you all in heaven soon. According to the Bible we will be changed instantly and will be taken up into the clouds to meet the LORD in the air. The Lord will take us to heaven where we shall stand on the sea of glass and have the greatest praise and worship service ever known to man or angel. That service is described in Revelation 19:1-6. We go to sleep each night knowing we may be awakened by the sound of a mighty trumpet. Even so come quickly Lord Jesus! (Revelation 9:12-21)