He walked up in the middle of the night and liked to have scared us to death. We call him Trigger. We were awakened about 2:00 in the morning with the sound of a horse. We could tell he was close by and our fear was not of him but of his rider. Well when I crawled out of the tent to take a look he had no rider. He was saddled but riderless. When it was daylight we looked him over and determined that he had had that saddle and bridle on for quite a while and when I removed them he seemed so happy. He took off for the creek and took a long drink of water and stayed there eating grass for the rest of the day. Each night he comes back to within about 100 feet of our tent and just hangs around. He is very gentle and friendly. He seems to like attention. After a few weeks of his hanging around and his saddle sores healed I put a blanket and the bridle on him and led him to a place where I could climb onto his back and he took me for a ride. I know nothing at all about horses but when I said whoa he stopped right away. My wife and I rode him to within about two miles of town and released him. After checking on things in town and blogging we headed back to the Pad expecting that Trigger would be gone. He was right where we left him and he gave us a ride back home. He can walk so much faster than we can. He is truly a blessing. We shower him with attention and he loves every minute of it. At night he seems to like to hang near us and does not seem to mind my poor guitar playing.
The “Mark” is officially here and most have it on their right hand and very few on the forehead. It is cold out so we can hide our right hands with gloves for now. We check on our friends and visit the nursing home while in town. Pastor and his wife are gone and no one knows where. We heard that they were arrested but that is just a rumor that we can not confirm. One of our friends told us that the police raided the home of one of the other pastors in town and they got onto his computer and found illegal pictures of kids on it. These were most likely downloaded to his computer by a virus he got from the Internet. I bet you can guess the source of the virus. They will do anything to get “S” leaders discredited and out of influence. There are many “S's” missing and we fear that they have been secretly executed. There is much fear and no one asks questions fearing the same fate.
No one, as yet, has shown up at our rendezvous point needing our help. With “M's” being very apparent now and all means of buying and selling controlled by FP's new law we will check the point every week. All of our children have already been joined by some and they expect to have to start turning people away soon. We must strictly abide by the protocol for safely helping others else we put ourselves in danger which might end our helping anyone. If these disappearances are the fifth seal then the sixth will soon be opened and the biggest earthquake ever is about to hit the whole world.
We live each moment as if it were our last. Just like we never expect Trigger to stay, we return to the Pad expecting that all our food stores and supplies will be gone. We have our backpacks with us at all times and can flee at a moments notice. We are ready for the big one. The well may cave in and the Pad may collapse but we will be okay. (Rev. 13:11-18; Rev. 6:9-17)

They Found the Well

This picture is of what we call our Microwave Oven. It is our alcohol stove and we consider it a luxury item and use it sparingly because we have very little fuel for it. It is good to set it outside our tent door to heat water for a hot drink when it is cold and raining.

I have a friend that I have always felt was a “C” and it turned out that he was except now he's an “S.” His name is Frank and he found a way to get on the Internet more securely than ever. I cannot give it away here but it definitely works. Frank always was a geek.

Life at the Pad has been interesting. The nights are cold this time of year but we stay warm enough in the tent. Hurricane season is finally over and we have collected as many containers of rain water as we could for later use. Which reminds me, the well was registered after all and a man in a State vehicle carrying a GPS came and looked at it. I can't help but believe that he knows that it has been used lately, though we try to leave no evidence on the surface of it. He shined a mirror down the well and then replaced the makeshift cover. He tagged the well with a danger ribbon which will be difficult to get around. The well water stays a little cloudy due to the earthquakes but seems to be alright.

We are awakened frequently by earthquakes and our tent is covered with duct tape patches. The Pad is well disguised and looks completely untouched. The well man did not even attempt to look inside. Our food is safe from animals and the weather. The porch roof has fallen down now making it look even worse than it did. We do not enter it by the doors but through some loose boards on one of the sides.

We spend our evenings after dark sitting around a small fire. The smoke can not be seen at night and we are to far from civilization for it to be smelled by humans. I am learning to play the guitar which my children gave me long ago and I never had time to learn to play it. I have nothing but time now and will trade it in for a harp soon. I enjoy hearing my wife sing as I play. The radio is still working and at night we get a different channel than during the day. They are reporting that there is peace in the middle east but we know that when they say “peace, peace” then sudden destruction comes. That peace will not last. Christians are being condemned by the news media or at least shown in a bad light. We are seen as pessimists and dooms day freaks when quite the opposite is true. Things are about to get a whole lot better than they have ever been. We spend our days listening to the news, reading the Bible, praying, and watching the eastern sky.

I have a theory about that coyote attack a few weeks ago. I think it was the Lord letting us know that the fourth seal had been opened. We have seen other wild animals but none of these came near us. God is looking out for us. Another hunter came by within 100 feet of our tent and did not notice us. We ration our water and food and try to get by with as little as possible.

According to our children's blogs they are doing well. On our trip into town to blog we went by our pastor's house and he was not home. We went by the church and he was not there. I hope he is doing alright. He is very outspoken and will not hide but is constantly preaching to people all over town. Mostly people just ignore him or mock him. We heard he was arrested and released last week. They say he is disturbing the peace and being a public nuisance. One of our friends, a “C” who lives a few houses down from us said that Pastor was meeting at different homes with different small groups for Bible study. The church building looks sad standing vacant and the yard unkept. I am hearing rumors that some Christian leaders are missing and no one knows what happened to them. Could it be the fifth seal has been opened? We will pray for safety for AC will make war on the saints and will overcome them. Christians are the only ones who know about and read Revelations and with them out of the way no one will be hearing what the Bible says about what is coming. (Revelation 6:9-11)

The Beasts of the Earth.

We were attacked by a coyote yesterday. We had gone to the Pad to drop off a load and when I saw him come through the door I grabbed the shovel and charged at him. He was suppose to be afraid and run away but instead he lunged at me and I caught him in mid-flight with a blow from the shovel. It stunned him enough that I got in a second hit to the head and killed him. I would have normally thought he was rabid but all of the news I have seen lately indicates that wildlife attacks on humans have dramatically increased due to the shortage of food even in the wild. I have a shotgun but am afraid to use it. I do not want to draw attention to our Pad.
I almost hate to pick up the ear piece to the foxhole radio anymore since the news seems to always be bad. I never dreamed that here in the USA people would be dying by the thousands from hunger. People are killing one another in food lines and the riots are killing more than the wars did. Tomorrow we will move permanently to the Pad. AC will be in complete control soon so the time is right to get out of here. We plan to leave everything in the house, as is, including some food in the pantry, and leave the car, (it has not been of much use to us anyway), in the driveway. The food left behind will help others and will throw off suspicion concerning our flight. They will think we are among the many who are missing from one of the many earthquake collapses. Our next door neighbor has been missing for a month now and his house has been looted. We will put our backpacks on and take off about 2:00 in the morning which will get us out of town unnoticed. It will take us three days to get to the Pad on foot. (I am so glad I took up the sport of hiking!) We will depend on the Lord to protect us from harm. I fear robbers more than animal attacks. I don't mind killing an attacking animal but just can't bring myself to kill someone who is hungry and just wanting our food.
Our health has been good and we have not fallen prey to the pandemic. It has been cool and raining since Victor came through. The Pad has survived the three hurricanes very well. It will be perfect hiking weather. Jesus said “pray that your flight be not in the winter...” and He has answered our prayers. We get to choose when to flee but the Jews have no Idea what is about to hit them. They think AC is their friend but he certainly is not. It will be more difficult to blog after the move. I will compose my blog entries ahead of time and then my connection to the Internet will only last a few minutes at the hot spot. It's the long walk to the hot spot that I dread. I will copy and paste your blogs and read them later so that I will not be online long. Thanks for sharing your experiences. They have been a big help. T.J.'s modified car was a brilliant idea.
I thank God that He revealed in His Holy Word how long this is going to last. Knowing how long has helped us to prepare. These are exciting times. I could not help but pause and watch a backyard wedding last week. People have adapted to hard times and chaos. They have chosen to go on with life as usual and seem very content to go about their daily lives not knowing what is about to befall the earth. Kind of sounds like those in the days of Noah.
I was asked about our children and want to let you know that they are fine and better prepared than we are. The grandkids, mostly the younger ones, are excited about their new homes and just love camping out. It all seems like a fun game to them. They trust their parents to take care of them so they have no worries. I trust the Lord to take care of us and our children and so I have no worries. The picture I have posted here is one I found on the Internet of a foxhole radio and is easy to make.
(Matthew 24:15-22; Revelation 6:7-8; 13:5; Luke 17:26-27)

Fish Box

I have been trying to warn as many as I can about the coming of the Lord but most just will not listen. Many have forsaken church services because of fear. I have taken to giving people the facts and then just leaving it with them. I feel like Jonah running around Nineveh giving people just the facts. If they are C's they will believe and be all right and if they are M's persistent argument will not change their minds. Real S's are easy to spot now and that is both good and bad I suppose. Good in that you know who you can trust and bad because the M's can spot us also. Love for family may be our undoing according to Matt. 10:36. We love our family and do not want to see them condemned but that love may be turned against us. We want to be a witness as long as we can but at some point when our witness keeps falling on deaf ears we will flee. We have a plan in place for those who want a second chance. If after we have gone into hiding they want our help they can follow the instructions that we leave behind and these instructions will protect us and them.
We went to the Pad and found tracks there which were not made by us. Nothing was disturbed and the house had not been entered. We know this because our indicators had not been disturbed. I think it may have been some hunters. With the food shortages there are more hunters than ever. We took some extra clothes and blankets getting ready for the move. I expect by the next time I blog we will be officially in hiding.
Earthquakes continue to be a problem and hurricane Shawn is about to make life even more miserable for us. The roof at the Pad leaks a bit and will not stand much wind. The shelves at the stores continue to be empty and highway robbery is on the increase. Trucks have to be guarded on route and loading docks have armed security. The national guard have their hands full watching farm land and food processing centers. We made a recording for those we leave behind when the Lord comes for us. It tells them what to do to be saved and how to prepare for the wrath to come. M's will not be looking for us or for answers but C's will be and that is why we have left them the “fish” box.

Tribman: Government Registration

A few years ago our state government sent out a form requesting all land owners to report the location of all wells on their property. The reason for this request sounded good and so I sent mine in. My fear is that the well at the Pad has been registered with the State as abandoned and eventually someone will be sent to see if it has been filled in or not. Looking for the well they might find our stores and steal or report them. I am going to try and find out if it has been registered to set my mind at ease. I may move some of our supplies to another location just in case.
The news media and the government have begun condemning the hording of food. It seems the rich are not concerned about the prices and buy up all they can. The government is putting limits on how much each family can buy. It is too late now to store up supplies so what we have now will have to do. Rationing and terrorist tracking will be the two biggest reasons given for allowing the government to control our ability to buy and sell. People in a panic will give up their freedoms for safety and security. You will not be able to cheat the system. I wish I had listened to you guys and not lost that first six months.
Time is passing quickly. We are now in the second year and the 3rd seal has been opened and the fourth is coming very soon. I see now that our Pastor was right. Each seal prepares the way for the next. The wars (2nd seal) led to famine and inflation. Famine and inflation (3rd seal) will lead to diseases and violence and so on.
They had the dedication of the Temple in Jerusalem a month or so ago and the Jewish people are back to offering sacrifices. There has been little in the news about it due to the coverage of the economy and food shortages. Life goes on with business as usual for almost everyone. They have no idea what is about to happen. People just don't want to think about the possibility that the Bible is right. Church attendance has begun to dwindle. I thought that there would be a great revival due to these events being so obviously apocalyptic but the new has worn off and we are back to the faithful few. Pastor said it would be so but I just did not want to believe it. People are in a panic over the food shortages and hatred for those who were prepared for it is growing. We are eating only enough to get by and are loosing a pound or so a week. I can stand the weight loss but my wife can not. Someone broke into our home this week and ransacked the place. Very little was taken so I think they were just probing. They may have thought because we are Christians that we had a lot of food stored up. I am sure they will go back to tell their friends that we are no better off than they. We go to the Pad every other week and pick up a few jars and some dehydrated foods. We sure miss fresh milk, powdered is just not the same. I mentioned in my last blog that when the shortages start we would move but as long as we have electricity and water here we will stay.
These are exciting times. Margaret and Frank both got saved this week, Hallelujah! Just think, the Lord will soon be here!
(Revelation 6:5-6; Revelation 13:17; Daniel 9:27; 2 Thessalonians 2:3)