Year: 1
We had twins! They were born with no problems at all. Tabitha was born first and Ezra was born second. We named them after our dear friends who stopped by to see them on the day of their birth. They are both healthy and weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces each. We are already telling them about Jesus even though they are only weeks old. We have finished building our house and barn. We have lots of farm animals. We grow a large garden and large fields of wheat and corn.
It has taken all year for them to clean up after the battle of Armageddon over in the land of Israel. Israel is a wonderful place flowing with milk and honey. The land is lush and green. It looks nothing like it did before. It is not an arid land any more.

Year: 2
We are now two years into the millennium. We have a new form of government here in the United States of America. The few governmental leaders that survived the Tribulation met and formed a governing counsel. Their first order of business was to appointed a governor over us who answers to a representative of the King of Kings. He has met with Jesus and received instructions as to how to govern the people of the United States. Our governor appointed judges who were approved by the governing counsel. These have local offices and courts to judge and make decisions for the people. Any conflicts between people is brought before the local court and the judge makes his ruling. We will elect the governing counsel every seven years. As our population grows the counsel will also grow in number. The governor will be appointed by the counsel and will be our representative before the King of Kings. All laws passed by the governing counsel must be approved by a representative of the King of Kings.

Year: 3
There is only one religion in all the world. It does not have a name. People meet in small, local groups to worship and learn the teachings of Jesus. Everyone is allowed to travel for free to Jerusalem to see Jesus and to be taught more advanced lessons on the doctrines of God. Noah and I have been going once a year during the feast of tabernacles. It is a very joyous time in Israel and there are huge crowds of people all glorifying God together. It is a wonderful, wonderful time. We got to meet all of the apostles and sit and learn at their feet. The Apostle John teaches classes on love. Peter teaches classes on loyalty. Thomas teaches classes on faith. Paul teaches classes on evangelism.
We have another baby on the way! It does not matter if it is a boy or a girl. The ladies of our community say it will be a boy. We have a school house in town and we now have three teachers working there. There is going to be a baby boom this year for almost every woman of child bearing age is either expecting or carrying a baby. We have a hospital in our town now and the busiest part of the hospital is the maternity ward. The rest of the hospital is most often empty.

Year: 4
David was born 8 pounds 2 ounces. Again we have named one of our children after one of our friends from the tribulation. We take our children to church services and are training them to sit still during the services. We have four revival services a year in our town. Famous evangelists come and preach for us. We have a different one each night for two weeks. Men who where preachers during their lives on earth come and preach for us and their messages are outstanding and though they seem so short the preaching actually lasts for hours. Our children are young and sleep through most of the services. Some of the greatest singers ever also come and lead the songs of praise. Pastor was one of our evangelists and it was so good to hear him preach.
David and Jonathan, our friends and guardians from the tribulation, stopped in for a visit. David wanted to meet his name sake. These two men make a good team. They have the power to transcend time and space and can be instantly where ever they need to be. They also can hide their identity when the need arises. The main job for them is to help people do the right thing. They don't make people do the right thing; they just show them the way.

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