Half Way

Year 500:
We are now half way through the millennium. We attend a funeral about once every 30 years. Some of these people die young, about 100 years old. I am now 530 years old and by our old world standards that would be unheard of. I saw in the paper that there was a woman in Israel who is 600 years old which means she was 100 when the Lord returned. I can't imagine surviving the tribulation being that old. The article said she was in very good health and walks 10 miles a day. We still farm and raise horses and have as much energy now as when we were in our 30's.
Trigger died at a good old age. Noah and I both cried. We erected a monument over his grave. He was a dear friend sent from God. Ezra and Tabitha were there for his burial. These dear friends come to us regularly and seem to know just when to show up.
We have 12 children and 182 grandchildren and 1,943 great-grandchildren. We have lost count of great-great-grandchildren so suffice it to say God has truly blessed us. We have a family reunion here on the farm every 10 years. 90% of our family shows up and we have a great time. We call on our dear friend, Ezra, to lead the prayer at our family reunion feast. If it were not for him and Pastor we may never have known how to be saved. Pastor comes by every 100 years or so to check on us. His wife is always by his side. We talk about old times and he preaches us an old time message.
More and more people are choosing not to be saved. So far, all of our children and grandchildren have been saved. Most of our great-grand children are saved. The ones who have not been saved yet are being prayed for and encouraged. Only a fool would say that Jesus is not who He claims to be. More and more lost people are being elected to the governing counsel but so far they have not rebelled like some nations. Egypt decided they would not represent before the Lord and they suffered the worse drought ever recorded which lasted for a year. The paper said most of the believers left Egypt and did not return until it was over. The way things are starting to look here we may be in the same shape. If America rebells we plan to go and stay in Israel. We have a vacation home there since we go sometimes twice a year. We allow others to use our house for their excursions to the Holy Land. We have contemplated moving to Israel permanently but our family would miss us and we would miss them.
Our attendance at worship each week has dropped off. It used to be that everyone in our community dropped whatever they were doing to be at worship services. Now people miss services for the least little thing. Many people have stopped traveling to Jerusalem. They are becoming more and more selfish and self centered. The Devil, when released from his prison, will have many people on his side. We have been trying to warn the lost of their impending doom and the Great White Throne judgment to come but our words fall on seemingly deaf ears.
We who are saved cannot wait until the new earth comes. When Jesus makes all things new we will have incorruptible, immortal bodies like His. The new earth sounds so great we just love talking about it. We are looking for that city with foundations whose builder and maker is God. (Zechariah 14:16-19; Isaiah 65:20)

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