The End of the Millennium

The fire, called down by the LORD, came in the form of an intensely bright light that instantly reduced to ashes all the enemies of the Son of Man. We knew the end was near and twenty years before it came Noah and I moved permanently to Israel. We prepared a place for our rather large family. We have a home that is 10 stories high. Our children over these past 20 years have slowly relocated to our home. Their children, our grandchildren have also moved here with us. About 70% of our great grandchildren have also moved here. Of our other descendants let me say this, the further away from being our children the greater the percentage that refused to repent and believe in Jesus. It breaks our hearts but each must make their own choice where they will spend eternity. We were tired of our nation's cycle of obedience and rebellion. Nations would rebel in about 100 year cycles. They would be punished with no rain and then the next 99 years or so they would be submissive until some new leader came to power and then trouble would come again. Israel has not had this problem during the millennium. They remained faithful throughout.
There were no signs of Satan's release. Not long after it happened every nation rebelled at the same time. All the nations gathered in one united effort to overthrow, by force, the LORD and His people. Most believers moved to Israel as soon as they could while others waited until the last year of the millennium. This left the rest of the world with nothing but unbelievers for citizens. The world truly came down to “Us” and “Them.” There was amazing calm among the saints of God when this final war began to take shape. It was only the unbelievers that were blinded to the truth of the prophecy that Satan would make one last try to overthrow the Kingdom of God. There was no fear among us, only sorrow for those poor lost souls. Many of those who hated us were our own flesh and blood.
After the fire of God's judgment fell upon the lost the LORD sat upon His great white throne. He called all of His saints to stand behind His throne. Noah and I stood about 2 miles back behind the throne and a little to the left of it. In the instant that He destroyed the wicked we were changed and received our spiritual bodies. We now stood there with the same kind of glorious, immortal, incorruptible body as our friends, Ezra and Tabitha had received over 1000 years earlier. Behind us and in one huge circle which surrounded the whole scene stood all the saints of God. Jesus had called forth all the dead of all the ages and with His saints standing behind His throne and all around, He condemned the wicked unbelievers showing them out of His holy word the wickedness of their deeds and their sinful ways. He showed them, as a testimony to their lost condition, the Lamb's Book of Life. They were sentenced to spend eternity in the Lake of Fire and were cast immediately by a mighty angel into their eternal prison. When this scene was over we walked away to discover that the earth and all things in it were new. The earth we now tread is an absolute paradise! We now await the coming of that great city of God, New Jerusalem!

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