The City of God

The angel at the gate was very helpful. He welcomed our group warmly. The wall of the city was amazing. It was far more beautiful than we could have imagined. The gate was wide open and we started through the long bright tunnel through the wall. We were on the left side; to our right was a river of water and on the other side of the river was the other side of the street. People leaving the city were on the right side and those entering were on the left. Stepping out from under the wall our eyes took in the massive street of gold which went to our left. Straight ahead of us was a bridge that crossed the river and led to the other side of the main street. To exit the city now we would have to cross that bridge and turn to the left then turn right to cross over another bridge to go back out the gate through which we had entered. In the middle of the main street was the clearest river of water eyes had ever seen. It was the source of the smaller river that ran through the gate of the city. On either side of the river there were trees, lush and green and on the tree there were fruits of different shapes and colors. This was the most beautiful tree ever seen. At each gate of the city there were bridges which crossed the river and led to the other side of the main street.
Our little “tribulation” group had met up at the Dan gate which we had agreed to do in the last year of the millennium. We wanted to enter the city for the first time together. Pastor and his wife led the way. We turned to the left and headed down the street which led around the wall then spiraled inwardly toward the center of the city. It was from the center of the city that the light of the city was shining. We strolled past magnificent massive buildings all made of pure gold. Those people on the other side of the street on the other side of the river were leaving the city, having been to the center where they had seen Jesus face to face. There was nothing but absolute joy on every face. Everyone is dressed in white robes. Everyone appears to be the same age. There is no measure of time here so no one is in a hurry. We stop along the way to embrace and talk with others.
We reached the throne of God and the Lamb. We each had a turn to talk with Jesus and to receive instructions. When my turn came I stepped up to the throne and bowed down to worship the LORD. He asked me to rise and told me to go to a place west of the city and to care for and see after the plants and animals that were there. I left His presence eager to do His bidding. Seeing after and caring for God's marvelous creation is an honor indeed. We all have different assignments in different areas of the world. We are free to do God's will, nothing stands in our way now. Freedom like this we have never know. From where I serve the LORD I can see the city. Another thing that has surprised me about being in this new body and living on this new earth is the learning process. I somehow thought I would know everything and would not have to learn but that is not the case. There is so much that I do not know and every day is a learning experience. God reveals more and more each day about His nature, His knowledge, and His power. What I learn in one day here is more than I learned in all of my life as a mortal on the old earth. One might think, then, that I will know it all soon but I see now that I will never know all things like our God. So much of what I was taught about science, nature, and human beings was absolutely false. A lot of things I believed were true turned out to be a lie. Things are not at all as they seemed to me when I was a mortal.

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